Bulk Picking Comparison
Vocollect Voice vs. Screen & Keyboard

How much more efficient would your warehouse be with voice picking as compared to screen and keyboard picking? Watch this video to find out.

What you will see in this video.

 This video presents a comparison demonstration of the same warehouse worker using voice picking and then using screen and keyboard picking to do the same task.

How much faster do you think voice picking is? 20%? 30%? or More?

Watch the video now to find out.

Voice vs Screen Picking Comparison Video Cover

Watch the Video Now

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“One of the main reasons we decided to move to voice picking is that we create pallets as we pick; we don’t stage. Our pickers need to have both hands free."

Cindy Garrett
Director of IT | Caito Foods


"In paper pick sections where we had the greatest opportunity for improvement, our accuracy rose from 98.68% to 99.46%. These performance gains save us over $3 million annually."

John Moreau
Distribution Manager | Pep Boys