Warehouse Automation. Made Mobile.

Implementing WMS software shouldn’t be a headache that weighs down your warehouse. Why pay for WMS when you can gain the benefits at a fraction of the cost? Now you can, with RFgen’s advanced mobile warehouse automation software for inventory control and directed movement.

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Simpler, Faster and More Flexible Than WMS

RFgen warehouse management software delivers the most flexible alternative to costly, complicated WMS systems. You deserve warehouse software that is simple to integrate, easy to use, and effortless to upkeep or scale as business priorities change. RFgen warehousing solutions optimize warehouse processes with real-time inventory management and visibility.

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Turn your sluggish warehouse into a fast-paced revenue engine:


Accuracy – Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology.


Efficiency – Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets.


Productivity – Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work.


Less Training – Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms.

The Science of Real ROI

Learn how WMS alternatives can streamline inventory flows, optimize productivity and trim wasted spend, shaping your operation with a more profitable future. But how does this translate to real dollars and ROI? Download this free white paper to find out.

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WMS Control without the Drawbacks

RFgen Warehouse Director is a flexible WMS-lite extension for your RFgen mobile environment for advanced warehouse operations. Warehouse Director provides the core benefits of WMS control without the prohibitive cost or risk of WMS or an ERP module.

    • Direct Materials without WMS. Intelligently route materials, workers and vehicles for streamlined putaway, replenishment, picking and other warehouse processes.
    • Drive Powerful Efficiency Gains. Maximize productivity, efficiency and throughput by eliminating bottlenecks and wasted productivity. Guide inbound-to-outbound workflows for maximum throughput.
    • Increase Revenue, Not Liability. Uncover hidden efficiencies to reduce operating costs with next-level warehouse control. Low-effort maintenance translates into short ROI and accelerated growth.
    • Turn Reactive into Proactive. Gain the agility to proactively anticipate, plan, monitor and act on critical decisions in real-time.

Extensible and Scalable with Advanced Solutions:

Supports roaming

Mobile Barcoding

Advanced mobile data collection technology for mobile software and barcode scanners.

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Accelerates transactions

Voice Picking

Voice-enablement solutions to accelerate inventory management workflow.

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Asset Tracking

Manage and locate fixed assets to reduce loss and overhead for maintenance and field.

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Field Mobility

Connect technicians, deliver trucks and salespeople to your ERP with mobile solutions.

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Smart Alternatives to Full WMS

When you need intelligent direction of materials but you’re worried about cost and bandwidth, RFgen’s WMS alternative could be the solution you’re looking for. Schedule a time to talk with one of our warehouse experts today to find the ideal fit for your business.

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Core Features: