Mobile Inventory Management Software

Extend ERP inventory control with the world’s most flexible mobile data collection solution. Gain 100% paperless inventory management for the enterprise warehouse.

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Mobile Inventory

Trusted by 3,000+ customers worldwide:

Maximize Accuracy, Speed and Visibility

Solve common inventory challenges by replacing outdated paper processes and manual data entry with rapid, real-time mobile automation. Simplify end-to-end material handling workflows in warehouse, manufacturing and field operations, online or offline. With RFgen mobile inventory management software, you gain the agility and resilience you need without the expense or complexity of a full WMS by leveraging industry-leading automatic identification and capture (AIDC).


Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology.

Accelerates transactions

Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets.


Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work.


Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms.

Mobile Inventory Management. Made Easy.

You deserve a flexible inventory solution that fits your workflows and grows with your business. RFgen delivers that promise with the world’s most flexible mobile inventory solution. Drive accurate, real-time data to reduce costs and accelerate performance.

Gain Advanced Inventory Control

RFgen mobile inventory management solutions are the most flexible on the market. Easily modify and extend inventory control to incorporate next-level capabilities and compliance—without an overhaul. RFgen’s pre-built mobile apps and built-in low-code developer tools enable you to continue evolving your solution as your business grows.


End-to-End Traceability

Automate tracking of granular material data, including serial, lot, and GTIN numbers.

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Bulk Inventory Moves

Enable quick, mass moves by grouping items as a single unit with License Plating.

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WMS Directed Movement

Intelligently direct material movements without the cost or complexity of full WMS.

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Offline & Field Mobility

Industry-best offline and disconnected data collection ensure 365/24/7 operations.

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Mobile MRO

Meticulous control over spare parts, consumables, assets and work orders.

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Voice Picking

Empower your warehouse with high-efficiency voice-enabled picking solutions.

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Where’s My Inventory?

Download this free ebook to learn how mobile barcoding software can help you find your inventory in real-time, every time, all the time. Cut costs. Increase productivity, efficiency, throughput and profit.

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