Mobile Inventory Control Software

Extend ERP inventory control programs with the industry’s most flexible, solution-focused mobile data collection platform. RFgen can guide you to a mobile data solution that solves your inventory challenges (some challenges you maybe haven’t even identified yet) and seamlessly automates your operations.  

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Reimagine your inventory operations with mobile automation that delivers instant visibility to your ERP. Solve data errors and delays by replacing outdated processes or underperforming technology with a unique mobile inventory solution built specifically for your operations. Your workflows will be simplified. Your data will be up-to-the-second. Your confidence will soar.  

Where should you start? Our supply chain experts walk you through why and how you should start your mobile inventory journey in this easy-to-read guide.  

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A mobile inventory platform that transforms.


Accuracy – Gain total confidence with instant inventory visibility that you can depend on.


Efficiency – Mobile automation eliminates delays from slow manual processes, data entry, and spreadsheets.


Productivity – Give your workforce a huge boost with instant mobile technology transactions.


Less Training – Easy to learn and use inventory apps with intuitive user interface and simple forms.


The Most Flexible Mobile Barcoding Platform

  • Automate inventory processes
  • Augment your workforce with real-time ERP connectivity
  • Flexible, scalable integration
  • Robust online-offline data collection
  • Self-managed platform growth and updates

Digital Inventory Automation & Control

  • Stop using paper tickets, spreadsheets, and data entry
  • Eliminate errors in data, inventory, and transaction processing
  • Manage any type of inventory, from raw materials to WIP and finished goods
  • Mobilize workers with barcode scanners, tablets, smartphones, RFID and more
  • Automate common tasks with mobile apps, such as receiving and cycle counts
  • Create end-to-end visibility, control, and traceability, 24/7/365

Intuitive Mobile Apps

  • Extends ERP to point-of-work with RFgen mobile apps with barcode scanning, automation, and touch
  • Accelerate pick, pack, ship, transfers, and common inventory planning processes
  • Automate advanced picking strategies for FIFO/LIFO, including directed picking, wave picking, multi-order picking
  • Augment worker capabilities with 30% higher productivity and efficiency, faster cycle counts and throughput

Replace Lag Time for Real Time

  • Real-time digital automation updates ERP with each movement
  • No more waiting for days or hours to update work in your ERP
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and backlogs in receiving and put away
  • Track live inventory consumption and stock levels
  • Gain exact inventory counts from anywhere, anytime

Capture Data From Any Device

  • Automated data collection using 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Connect PLCs, RFID, carousels, scales, and more to your ERP
  • View quantities, item numbers, serial, lot, expiration date
  • Collect data online or offline, including remote areas
  • High granularity of data in multiple dimensions

Built-in Fixed Asset Inventory Tracking

  • Maximize control, visibility, and availability of plant equipment, vehicles, tools, and IT assets
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency for plant maintenance
  • Support EAM best practices for mission-critical operations
  • Look up and track asset information from anywhere with a mobile device
  • Create new fixed assets, query current status, transfer between locations in real time
  • Conduct physical inventory or record disposal with barcode scanning

Rapid Cycle Counting

  • Automate labor-intensive manual counts with barcode scanning
  • Fast and accurate cycle counts and ad-hoc counting
  • View live to-dos and work completed from a mobile device
  • Gain and maintain hyper-accurate inventory stock levels

Mobile Barcoding Labels & Printing

  • Seamless integration with top label software platforms
  • Enhances productivity and efficiency with mobile label creation and printing
  • Generate and print barcodes on-demand from point-of-work
  • Reduce extra trips in the warehouse and enhance label compliance
  • Leverage cutting-edge ruggedized, mobile, and stationary hardware
Accuracy has gone up to 99.999 percent. But RFgen also improves productivity and that drives efficiency downstream. RFgen makes a huge difference in how quickly CyberCore can invoice our customers, improving our cash flow.

Jason Mulholland

Director of IT, CyberCore Technologies