Industry-Best Offline Inventory Management Software

When connectivity goes down, you deserve the industry’s best mobile data collection and offline inventory management software to keep mission-critical operations running 24/7, 365 days a year. RFgen®’s off-network mobility solutions empower your people to move materials uninterrupted so your business can continue operating at peak performance.

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ERP Integrations


Stop Lost Productivity with Offline Inventory Control

You can’t afford to let inventory workflows grind to a halt when you’re offline and on the move. Connectivity drops create gaps in digital records, necessitating unnecessary rework from lost data. RFgen® offline solutions arm your business with seamless online-offline continuity for inventory operations. With RFgen®, your workforce can collect data even when devices lose Wi-Fi/cellular connectivity, or your ERP is unavailable during system maintenance, for yard management and field services, and at remote warehouses spread around the globe.

Mobile worker scanning barcode with RFgen offline mobility solution for seamless inventory management and data collection



Accuracy – Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology


Efficiency – Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets


Productivity – Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work


Less Training – Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms


Collect Data from Any Location, Anytime

  • Continuous data collection in areas or facilities with unreliable or lack of connectivity, even when mobile devices are out of range or back-end systems are offline for maintenance.
  • Support offline inventory data collection and process jobs while disconnected from ERP or host system, either due to Wi-Fi or cellular network interruption or during downtime due to planned ERP system maintenance
  • 99.9% uptime for mission-critical operations in challenging areas. Ensure workforce productivity wherever your people work, whether underground, offshore, in the field, or in the freezer.
  • Connect remote operations with your ERP systems. Harmonize data collection activities from multiple locations over a vast geographical footprint.
  • Improve cash flow with faster invoicing and reduction of wasted productivity. Eliminate re-work from lost data and delayed information due to sluggish data entry.

Collect Data in Challenging Areas

  • Remote locations with unreliable network connectivity
  • Specialized areas with limited or no signal, like cold storage or wine cellars
  • Offshore or underground operations used in oil, gas, or mining
  • Areas where cellular networks are prohibited, such as hospitals or explosive material storage
  • Field service operations and direct store deliveries

Connect Field Workers and ERP

  • Enable automated updates to your ERP from roaming workers in areas with limited or no connectivity
  • Data safely stored locally while devices run autonomously until ERP or network is available again
  • Update inventory levels from job sites as soon as parts are consumed or products are sold
  • Improve cycle counts by reducing long responses from ERP after each scan
  • Access up-to-date status of work orders, inventory levels, and technician availability
  • On-demand technical documentation to speed up problem resolution and improve fix rates on the first visit
  • Enforce workflows and safety procedures through step-by-step validation within mobile forms

Manage Inventory in Remote Warehouses

  • Manage inventory and fixed assets
  • Receive, put away, pick, and send out inventory
  • Record transfers between business locations
  • Check in/check out for equipment and assets to prevent theft or loss
  • Conduct physical fixed asset inventory counts

Flexible Solutions for Various Disconnected States

Not every network is created equal. When reliable ERP connectivity isn’t available for real-time data collection, RFgen® can bridge gaps in connectivity to enable continuous scanning and material movements—no matter how remote. RFgen® offline mobility solutions provide highly flexible options to solve connectivity challenges and keep your information in sync in a way that best suits your business needs:

Batch Mode: For Occasional Disconnections

Batch Mode enables mobile devices to pick up the slack when connectivity is interrupted. RFgen® software installed on the device stores collected data locally, then uploaded when connectivity is restored. “Batch” is ideal for environments with temporary or occasional disconnections outside Wi-Fi or cellular range, such as in walk-in freezers or during route deliveries.

Continuous Availability: When Entirely Disconnected

Continuous Availability is a robust server-side solution that enables workers to continue scanning and collecting data while entirely disconnected from the ERP or host system—even for hours at a time, such as during ERP maintenance windows. Data is stored locally on devices and replicated on an RFgen® server to ensure work continuity until connectivity is restored.

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RFgen’s High Availability option prevents us from losing any transactions. In a remote plant situation, that was critical to our need. Now, we’re producing over three transactions per minute, 24/7—that’s a lot of transactions!

Mike Wheeler

Business Analyst, Trident Seafoods