Our Story

In 1995, wireless 802.11 based barcode scanners were still relatively new, but Rob Brice saw their potential for inventory tracking and improved data visibility. That’s when he built the first version of RFgen® and started knocking on business doors, offering a better way to track, trace, and manage inventory. With new mobile technology.

Much has changed since those early days of wireless barcoding. But some things haven’t changed. RFgen Software is more committed than ever to improving the efficiency and productivity of inventory workflows and operations. Our teams of supply chain experts are opening new doors for enterprise customers, offering the latest in mobile barcode technology and a partnership that reveals the potential of what that technology can do.

What makes me most proud is when I hear customers rave about our team.

Robert Brice Founder and President, RFgen Software

Our Values

Every business wants to grow. Every business wants to be at the forefront of its industry. But we know that we must stay true to ourselves and always remember what drives RFgen® forward.


We believe that being forthright in our communications, transparent in our business dealings, and honest in everything we do are not just values, but a vital part of who we are.


When our customers make a commitment to RFgen®, our team makes a commitment to our customers. We learn about their business, understand their problems, and get to know them as people. We build trust by delivering at the highest level of quality possible.


Our support is unwavering, our follow-through is impeccable, and our “whatever it takes” attitude is always front and center. Customers can depend on us. Every time.

The RFgen® Way

We build strategic partnerships with our customers. And our partnerships build trust, confidence, and a reimagining of inventory operations. Our supply chain experts deliver unique mobile solutions that solve supply chain problems. That’s the RFgen® way.

Our Leadership


Linda Gilbert

Director of Professional Services

Steve Pulling

Chief Information Officer

Xiaomei (Shirley) Shi, CPA


Michael Davis

Director of Client Applications

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