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Accelerate efficiency, accuracy, profitability, and growth with advanced mobile data collection for ERP. Start your journey with How to Achieve 100% Paperless Inventory, RFgen’s quick guide to mobile barcode scanning in your warehouse. Leap from lag-time to real-time with 100% paperless AIDC.

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Modernize Inventory with Mobile Barcoding

Mobile barcoding extends your ERP functionality onto mobile devices through a powerful ecosystem of barcode software, mobile hardware and supply chain mobile apps. Automated data collection can help you achieve real-time visibility and oversight while protecting workers from COVID-19 with sustainable social distancing. Through mobile barcoding technology, you gain mobile inventory control and core WMS functionality but without the cost or complexity.

Mobile Barcoding Benefits


Accuracy – Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology.


Efficiency – Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets.


Productivity – Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work.


Less Training – Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms.

Where’s My Inventory?

Learn how mobile barcoding technology can help you find your inventory in real time,
anytime, anywhere. Gain visibility and control over materials and equipment.

Automate data collection

Automate Your Data Collection

RFgen automates data collection to simplify, streamline and accelerate operations across your enterprise.

  • Eliminate paperwork, manual data entry and associated human error.
  • Drive process efficiency, accuracy and speed through automation.
  • Integrate with your ERP and unify data systems into one ecosystem.
  • Scale automation across your enterprise.
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Mobilize Your Workforce

Untether your workers from fixed workstations with handheld wireless devices and real-time data collection using barcodes.

  • Replace paper checklists, spreadsheets and reliance on tribal knowledge.
  • Free workers to be more mobile, flexible and productive.
  • Simplify warehouse and inventory management.
  • Simple, focused interface is easy to learn and use.
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Improve Your Bottom Line

Digital automation and mobility help you unlock new levels of accuracy, efficiency, productivity and business agility in your daily operations.

  • Increase employee productivity, not headcount.
  • Minimize the cost of lost data, product and materials.
  • Reduce operating costs and achieve rapid ROI.
  • Leverage real-time data to help grow your business.
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Protect Your Workforce

Mobile solutions like mobile barcoding are quickly emerging as a new form of PPE in the pandemic era. Mobile barcoding protects your workers by reducing virus spread from proximity and unsanitary shared touch, enhancing sustainable social distancing.

  • Minimize shared touching of paperwork, materials, keyboards and workstations.
  • Augment smaller teams to accomplish more with less effort in less time.
  • Support long-range scanning of 50-feet and more.
  • Facilitate remote communication with mobile messaging, notifications and work allocation.
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Your Guide to Barcode Implementation

Need help building a business case for your new barcode solution? Download this FREE
guide to learn what to expect, what to look for, and how to make the most of your technology

More Than Barcodes

Mobile barcoding technology goes beyond basic barcode scanning in shipping and receiving. Extend the power of cutting-edge mobile automation to virtually any workflow to enhance data and operational continuity.


Continuous Data Collection

Online, offline and hybrid data collection for 365/24/7 operational continuity.

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Total Ownership

Gain total ownership over your solution with low code mobile app development.

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Endless Extensibility

Integrate with other business systems, PLCs, RFID, Industry 4.0 technologies and more.

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Advanced Inventory Control

Manage groups of items as a single unit for enhanced inventory management.

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Outside the Four Walls

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and image and signature capture, with GPS and Google Maps integration.

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Meticulous Oversight

Simplify and enhance control of costly MRO inventory and assets to drive down operating costs.

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Gain Flexibility with Mobile Apps

RFgen solutions include pre-built mobile app suites for most common supply chain transactions. Mobile apps can be quickly tailored and deployed without having to start from scratch. You also gain the option to modify and create your own.

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Empower Operations with Enterprise Mobility

RFgen mobile data collection solutions use purpose-built, enterprise-optimized devices with mobile software that integrates with existing technology and ERP environments. Mobilizing these valuable business systems can help you maximize productivity, flexibility and inventory visibility in virtually any industry.

Customers are already using RFgen for:

Certified Integration
Certified Integration

Certified integration for SAP, Oracle and Deltek Costpoint. Partnerships: SAP Silver, Oracle Gold, Deltek Premier. Decades of ERP integrations.

Zero Footprint
Zero Footprint

No impact to ERP environment and no additional database. One platform connects to multiple ERPs. Ideal for upgrades and cloud migration.

cell-phoneMobile App Templates
Pre-Built Mobile Apps

Includes suites of open source mobile supply chain apps already written, tested and validated for major ERPs. Tailor to fit or use out of the box.

Easy to supportEasy to support
Fast Mobile App Building

Easily develop, iterate and deploy mobile supply chain apps. Save time and money developing in-house using low code drag-n-drop and easy codebase.

Ends re-keying dataEasy to Manage
Easy to Manage

Manage, deploy and support remotely. Device agnostic software runs mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows. Leverages existing ERP security.

recycleAll-in-One Solution
All-in-One Ecosystem

Total ERP mobility solution. Software, hardware and services all in one place. Deliver low TCO and rapid ROI to your department.