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Transform your inventory operations with mobile data collection built for your operations and processes. With a strategic partnership with RFgen Software, your mobile solution will instantly update your ERP with visibility you can trust. Data accuracy? Near perfect. Productivity? Way up. Workforce engagement? Immediate increase. Start your mobile journey today.

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RFGen mobile barcoding solutions for enterprise-level organizations

ERP Integrations


Go Paperless. Gain Advantage. Here’s How.

You know efficient inventory management is crucial. Manual or outdated processes simply aren’t scalable and prevent the visibility you need. Accurate, real-time information drives quality, speed, and cash flow. A mobile inventory barcoding system extends your ERP capabilities to anytime, anywhere with mobile apps. Eliminate fixed workstations and get inventory data instantly at the point-of-scan.

In this concise eBook from experts at RFgen Software, you’ll discover the essentials of barcode software and its transformative benefits for businesses in 10 minutes or less.

Get 100% paperless inventory with mobile barcoding solutions by RFgen.


Maximize accuracy, speed, and visibility


Accuracy – Gain total confidence with instant visibility that you can depend on.


Efficiency – Mobile automation eliminates delays from slow manual processes, data entry, and spreadsheets.


Productivity – Give your workforce a huge boost with instant mobile technology transactions.


Less Training – Easy to learn and use with intuitive user interface and simple forms.


Automate Your Data Collection

RFgen® automates data collection to simplify, streamline and accelerate operations across your enterprise.

  • Eliminate paperwork, manual data entry, and associated human error.
  • Drive process efficiency, accuracy, and speed through automation.
  • Integrate with your ERP and unify data systems into one ecosystem.
  • Scale automation across your enterprise.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Give your workers freedom from fixed workstations with handheld wireless devices and real-time data collection using barcodes.

  • Replace paper checklists, spreadsheets, and reliance on tribal knowledge.
  • Free workers to be more mobile, flexible, and productive.
  • Simplify warehouse and inventory management.
  • Simple, focused interface is easy to learn and use.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Digital automation and mobility help you unlock new levels of accuracy, efficiency, productivity and business agility in your daily operations.

  • Increase employee productivity, not headcount.
  • Minimize the cost of lost data, product, and materials.
  • Reduce operating costs and achieve rapid ROI.
  • Leverage real-time data to help grow your business.

Rapid Cycle Counting

  • Automate labor-intensive manual counts with barcode scanning
  • Fast and accurate cycle counts and ad-hoc counting
  • View live to-dos and work completed from a mobile device
  • Gain and maintain hyper-accurate inventory stock levels


Mobile Barcode Inventory Solutions. It’s What We Do.

Your business is unique. Your warehouse inventory is unlike any other. So why would you change your processes to conform to an off-the-shelf technology solution? Build a mobile solution that works just for you with RFgen®. From greater efficiencies to your bottom line, you’ll see value as unique as your business.

Our expert team has produced everything you need to learn and build your mobile strategy. Check out our Resource Center for videos, ebooks, customer success stories, and insight briefs to help you begin your mobile barcoding journey.

RFgen offers supply chain solutions powered by mobile barcoding software, hardware, and mobile apps.
“We are now more focused on analyzing our stock rather than spending time manually reconciling what was logged on paper. RFgen has given us the insights we need in real-time.”

Wasef Shakaa

Group IT Director, NFPC