Mobile Barcoding for Manufacturing

Gain an edge over your competitors in the era of digital manufacturing with razor-sharp production and manufacturing data collection systems. Leverage mobile barcoding to replace obsolete manual or outdated processes and drive down shop floor costs with fast, efficient, and accurate materials management that also enhances quality. Create end-to-end visibility and control over inventory in supply, production, and delivery with the power of barcode automation.

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Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Operations with RFgen® Solutions


Why Mobile Barcoding for Manufacturing

Reduce the cost of goods. Increase profits.

Today’s manufacturers must manage complex life cycles at rapid speed with pinpoint precision amid fierce competition at minimum cost—while maintaining the highest level of quality and customer service. Our barcode tracking systems for manufacturing businesses provide you with accurate, efficient control over materials is essential to minimizing the cost of production and increasing razor-thin profit margins. You need round-the-clock visibility and shop floor data collection, and RFgen® has the information to get you started down the road to the mobile data solution that will make that visibility a reality.

Download and read Essentials of 24/7 Inventory Visibility today. The data you need is closer than you think.

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Maximize accuracy, speed, and visibility


Accuracy – Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology


Efficiency – Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets


Productivity – Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work


Less Training – Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms


Industry-leading Solutions

Gain the benefits of RFgen®’s industry-leading solutions:

  • Real-time visibility and control for inventory and assets
  • Predict/plan material flows for raw materials, consumption, and finished goods
  • Automate end-to-end traceability (fast track-and-trace)
  • Reduce labor cost and material handling with lower overhead
  • Enhance agility, throughput, and revenue
  • Self-ownership: customize your solution your way
  • Support rapid growth and scalability

Shop Floor/Warehouse Inventory Control

Paperless mobile inventory and cycle counting with real-time digital records using mobile barcode scanners, phones, and tablets:

  • Manage materials from inputs to outputs with AIDC barcodes, including raw material receipts, purchasing, WIP consumptions, put-away, pick/pack/ship for finished goods
  • Extend to field services and maintenance, such as delivery confirmation, work orders and MRO spare parts
  • Advanced control with palletizing, kitting, lot tracking, serializations, sub-assemblies and parent-child relationships, component calibration, and license plating
  • Reduce excess overstock, labor time, scrap, consumption, waste or loss, and stock-outs
  • Gain FDA traceability compliance for new food regulations through automated lot, serial, and batch tracking systems.

Enhance Quality at Lower Cost

Manufacturing automation ensures continuous flow of materials while enhancing quality control:

  • Enforce quality inspections in receipts that flag questionable parts or blacklisted materials
  • Enable quantity checks in between manufacturing steps to ensure quality, accuracy, and shorter processing time
  • Ensure consistency and quality through product lifecycles for process, discrete, and Kanban manufacturing workflows
  • End-to-end traceability compliance for raw materials, components, and finished goods—collect or share with a barcode scan

Fixed Asset Tracking

Simplify fixed asset tracking and plant maintenance without buying a separate EAM solution:

  • Locate missing, stolen, or misplaced assets in real time
  • Reduce wasted spend from lost assets and maintenance delays
  • Minimize unplanned asset downtime with mobile asset inspection
  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Check-in/check-out and issue to project

Mobile Work Order Management

Mobile work order management equips personnel with critical information on-demand using mobile devices:

  • Automate work order tasks for production, maintenance/repair and field services
  • Track work order progress and ensure on-time completion
  • Optimize diagnostics and work order resolution
  • Reduce labor costs, backlogs and delays from missing parts
  • Monitor efficiencies to enable continuous process improvement

Open Source Mobile Apps for Manufacturing

Support mobile enablement for the modern workforce with RFgen® mobile apps for manufacturing:

  • Pre-built mobile app templates for common supply chain activities and manufacturing workflows
  • Intuitive, focused interface is easy to learn while delivering maximum user productivity
  • Open-source architecture provides self-ownership option to develop your solution in-house
  • Evolves with your business at low risk and rapid ROI

Shop Floor Integration

Go beyond mobile data collection with barcode scanners with direct machine-level integration on the shop floor:

  • Automatic data collection from shop floor machinery, such as industrial PLCs (programmable logic controllers), scales, conveyors, pick-to-light systems, automated palletizers and packing lines, and other robotic automation systems.
  • Support Industry 4.0 and 5.0 innovation with flexible device integration for IoT/IIoT, autonomous vehicles (AGVs/LGVs), drones, helper bots (“co-bots”), etc.
  • Simplify and harmonize data sources with connectivity to other enterprise software systems (ERP, MES, SCM etc.).

Industry-Specific Solutions

Manufacturers around the globe use RFgen® to become marketplace titans. Explore manufacturing solutions for your industry:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Construction & Building Materials
  • Food & Beverage
  • Life Sciences
  • Oil & Gas

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RFgen eliminated waste in data collection and improved information flow, complementing our Lean Manufacturing initiative and bringing us one step closer to a true ‘perfect’ plant. RFgen has provided transparency across the organization, including efficiency, utilization, quality, and late order alerts.

David Kelly

Business Analyst, Madix