Manufacturers around the globe are already using RFgen to create real-time inventory visibility and control for production, MRO and distribution. Leave manual processes behind and leap into the forefront of your market space.

 RFgen has eliminated waste in data collection and improved information flow complementing our Lean Manufacturing initiative, bringing us one step closer to a true ‘perfect’ plant. RFgen has provided transparency across the organization including efficiency, utilization, quality, and late order alerts. 

David Kelly
Business Analyst, Madix

Solving Traceability in Real-time

Process manufacturers, like food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods companies have additional challenges due to the bulk nature of ingredients, the sometimes limited shelf-life of materials and products, as well as industry and government regulations that demand traceability from ingredient origin to final product and end consumer.

More than ever, companies need automated shop floor data collection in order to:

  • Achieve a real-time, accurate picture of inventory as it moves through the manufacturing process.
  • Ensure consistency and quality throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Meet demands for shorter lead times and accurate, on-time shipments.
  • And, it’s the only way to achieve end-to-end traceability without sacrificing speed.

With RFgen’s shop floor data collection, you can:

  • Provide full product traceability information to partners and customers with a swipe of a barcode.
  • Improve component picking productivity and accuracy for faster processing and fewer adjustments mid-production.
  • Implement paperless WIP, scrap, labor tracking, time tracking, and more to reduce administrative overhead and increase visibility.
  • Enable quantity checks in between manufacturing steps to ensure quality, improve accuracy and decreased processing time.
  • Speed up receiving and enforce quality inspections that flag questionable parts when compared to pictures and schematics.
  • Avoid stock-outs and minimize carrying costs for excess supplies. Automatically transfer data from shop floor machinery like scales, conveyors and pick-to-light systems to your ERP or back-end system.

RFgen Mobile Apps for Manufacturing

RFgen provides built-in best practices for supply chain processes and unprecedented reliability with mobile apps for your existing tech stack. Use ERP-validated, pre-written, pre-tested mobile apps with out-of-the-box logic or tailor to your workflows. Built on mobile barcoding technology, RFgen enables real-time, two-way data with ERPs using an easy codebase.

Certified Integration

Certified integration for SAP, Oracle and Deltek Costpoint. Partnerships: SAP Silver, Oracle Gold, Deltek Premier. Decades of ERP integrations. All ERP integrations »

Zero Footprint

No impact to ERP environment and no additional database. One platform connects to multiple ERPs. Ideal for upgrades and cloud migration.

Pre-Built Mobile Apps

Includes suites of open source mobile supply chain apps already written, tested and validated for major ERPs. Tailor to fit or use out of the box.

Fast Mobile App Building

Easily develop, iterate and deploy mobile supply chain apps. Save time and money developing in-house using low code drag-n-drop and easy codebase. Explore »

Easy to Manage

Manage, deploy and support remotely. Device agnostic software runs mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows. Leverages existing ERP security.

All-in-One Ecosystem

Total ERP mobility solution. Software, hardware and services all in one place. Deliver low TCO and rapid ROI to your department.

Offline Mobility

Industry’s best off-network mobility and data collection solutions to keep operations running 365/24/7. Flexible options for batch mode, thin client, high availability and more.

License Plating

Scale barcode scanning with LPs. Intelligently manage groups of items with single barcode for maximum efficiency gains. LP groups of other LPs. Read More »

Voice Picking

Voice-enable your team with hands-free, eyes-free data collection using RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solutions to boost productivity 25% in high-volume scenarios.


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Low-Code Mobile App Development

RFgen Mobile Development Studio is the premier low code platform for creating mobile apps for the manufacturing supply chain. Accelerate developer productivity with tools that enable rapid, real-time validations and throughput. Build on out-of-the-box logic or make and modify your own.

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