Learn the Essentials of 24/7 Inventory Visibility

Learn how cutting-edge mobile barcoding technology extends ERPs to elevate efficiency, inventory visibility, and social distancing.

Download short ebook pdf: Essentials of 24/7 Inventory Visibility - A Manufacturer's Guide.

Manufacturing faces a historic crisis: innovate or die. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges for manufacturers, from shrinking profit margins to labor challenges. It has also created a desperate need to continue operating safely and sustainably. Those who have yet to “digitally transform” now struggle to accurately track materials, leading to cost overruns and risking future viability. Barcoding is one path forward.

RFgen barcode solutions for manufacturing help create end-to-end efficiency and material visibility—even throughout production.

Download our new ebook to learn how manufacturers are leveraging mobile barcoding solutions for ERP to streamline inventory control, visibility, nimbleness, and profitability.

This ebook’s key points include:

  • Top challenges impacting manufacturing today
  • Importance of accurate, real-time data collection
  • How to overcome visibility challenges during production workflows
  • Leveraging mobile as PPE for sustainable social distancing
  • Benefits of mobile barcoding for shop floor data collection

A staggering number of manufacturers do not use digital automation or mobile data collection in their facilities. These businesses are not equipped for uncertainty in the Age of Disruption. Join the 65% of manufacturers already planning to implement mobile technology.

RFgen Mobile Foundations software equips manufacturers with ERP-integration solutions built on data collection best practices for the supply chain. Mobilizing data collection adds an additional layer of flexibility and efficiency, enabling workers to safely collect data and transact materials at point-of-work.

Download your copy of the ebook right now to learn how digital automation and mobility are essential to building resiliency and agility into your operation during an era of unprecedented disruption.

This ebook was written with the cooperation of RFgen supply chain professionals and more than three decades of experience in manufacturing and ERP.


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