Essentials of 24/7 Inventory Visibility

Today’s manufacturers need efficient inventory processes at maximum accuracy. Download this guide to learn how you can transform your shop floor with total inventory visibility and control.

cover of RFgen Software white paper Essentials of 24/7 Inventory Visibility: A Manufacturer's Guide

No More Blind Spots in Materials Management

The challenges in today’s supply chain are simply too great and too frequent for you to worry about the accuracy and timeliness of your inventory data. The good news? You can fix that problem. And we can help.

RFgen mobile barcode solutions for manufacturing help create end-to-end efficiency and material visibility through every stage of production and distribution.

Download this manufacturer’s guide and learn:

  • Top challenges impacting manufacturing today and how to solve them
  • Importance of accurate, real-time data collection to boost agility
  • Ways to overcome visibility challenges during production
  • Benefits of shop floor data collection on cost control and profitability

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Stop the Struggle with Inventory Visibility

Of supply chain executives prioritize visibility
Of manufacturers lack end-to-end visibility
Of manufacturers plan to implement mobility
Material visibility possible with RFgen Mobile Edge™

Extending ERP supply chain functionality to point-of-work remains a benchmark of the modern manufacturing facility, helping operations evolve into a state-of-the-art “factory of the future.”

Download the guide today.

Take the first step to transforming your manufacturing efficiency. Download your copy of the guide to learn how you can automate material tracking, reduce waste, and slash costs with real-time automation.