Comparing RFgen and SAP Native RF Functionality for EWM

SAP RF may seem like a low-cost way to mobilize EWM, but its fraught with hidden pitfalls and costs. Download this white paper to understand key differences between RFgen® and SAP RF (including MOBGUI), and why RFgen® provides a lower total cost of ownership.

cover image of RFgen Software's white paper - Comparing RFgen with SAP SAP Native Functionality

Choose a Solution Optimized for Mobile Devices

As SAP customers make the shift to Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), choosing a cost-effective mobile solution is the next step.

While SAP RF and MOBGUI carry the allure of low initial cost, the backend expenses are considerable. Complex configuration, poor performance, and lack of functionality add up to big costs in the long run. With this guide, you’ll gain technical insights into the key differences between SAP RF and RFgen® and their impact on the total cost of ownership based on the following criteria:

  • Development
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Offline Functionality
  • Future-proofing

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Countless RFgen customers have tried to implement the SAP RF tech stack only to discover the harsh reality: it is exceedingly difficult to get exactly the solution desired. Even after buying a solution, the results often disappoint, or it still fails to solve business challenges adequately.


Download the white paper today.

Make an informed decision on the most cost-effective mobile solution for EWM. Download your copy to see how you can future-proof your mobile warehouse solution.