Mobile Inventory in Construction and Building Materials

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Take Control of Your Inventory with Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Barcoding.

Complicated global supply chains. Remote manufacturing and shipping locations. High worker turnover. Complex inventory management. Sound familiar? These industry-wide challenges can make it difficult for any company to stay on top of day-to-day inventory needs, let alone scale operations for future growth.

Supply chain automation technologies like enterprise mobility and mobile barcoding can help you take back control.

Download this free eBook to learn how mobile inventory management:

  • Reduces or eliminates error-prone manual data entry and paper-based processes
  • Helps you achieve 24/7/365 visibility over your entire supply chain
  • Increases accuracy by 99%, efficiency by 25% and productivity by 20%
  • Reduces on-hand stock levels
  • Enhances MRO and asset management
  • And more

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