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You’re expected to cut costs and drive KPIs constantly.

But how can you do either with manual processes or old software? Time-intensive tasks drain productivity and resources, preventing transparency and growth. RFgen can eliminate bottlenecks and automate steps in your workflows, enabling your business to accelerate and thrive.


You need accurate insights in real-time.

Solving problems gets easier when you can trust your data. Let RFgen become your secret weapon—instantly capture perfect data from anywhere to unlock total visibility and continuity across the enterprise.

We can help you solve your inventory challenges.

Automate Manual Processes

The most successful businesses use extensive automation instead of manual processes, paper tickets, and data entry. Digitally transform time-consuming tasks to solve common challenges like:

  • Missing inventory and assets​
  • Inaccurate data
  • Lack of timely information​
  • Cycle counting pain

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Maximize Accuracy​ ​

Your business runs on data. But what if that data isn’t reliable? You need perfect data collection and bi-directional communication with your ERP, ensuring records are always up to date. Put an end to:

  • Inability to find inventory​
  • Mispicks, misships, and cycle counting errors​
  • Over/under stocking and stockouts​
  • Missing materials for production

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Eliminate Warehouse Inefficiencies​​​

Are inefficient processes eating up significant time and resources? It’s time to optimize your warehouse with effortless data capture and mobile inventory management. Drastically improve:

  • Insufficient order management and RMAs ​​
  • Picking and cycle counting speed ​​
  • Mis-timing / poor planning for production
  • ​Kitting​ challenges and more

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Solve Labor Challenges​

Staffing issues aren’t going anywhere soon. Leverage mobile solutions as a force multiplier, enabling smaller teams to do more with less. Say goodbye to:

  • Skyrocketing labor costs ​​
  • Backlogs of manpower ​​
  • Long training times for new/seasonal workers
  • Delays in manufacturing and cycle counts

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Inadequate Legacy System​​

Outdated systems are often little better than manual handling. In today’s fast-paced supply chain, you need instant, flexible data collection with future-proof extensibility. Move on from:

  • Insufficient barcode system capabilities
  • Poor security and device compatibility ​
  • Slow transactions with ERP ​
  • Labeling challenges from evolving packaging

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Simplify Complexity​

Complexity is the enemy of efficiency. Reduce complexity for operations, IT, and end-users, from streamlining messy workflows to consolidating ERP screens on a mobile device, and eliminate:

  • Overly complicated warehouse processes
  • Convoluted technical systems from legacy patchwork ​
  • High maintenance or upkeep burden​ ​
  • User rejection / low user adoption

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Offline Inventory Control​ ​​

Extend inventory management to create 24/7 continuity for mission-critical operations, even when business systems aren’t available. Solve for:

  • Downtime due to system maintenance ​​
  • Remote warehouse challenges
  • Lack of online/offline continuity
  • Field/yard inventory management

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Automate Traceability ​​

With strict regulatory oversight, it’s essential to quickly pinpoint recalled inventory in the event of an audit—that means no missing links in the digital chain of custody. Easily mitigate:

  • Quality control / expiration issues​​
  • Gaps in digital records​​
  • Regulatory​ and compliance challenges
  • Lack of recall readiness

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