RFgen Software Policies

Terms of Service

Contains the legal terms and conditions between RFgen (DataMAX Software Group Inc.) and its customers regarding the use of RFgen services. The agreement also details RFgen’s service level commitments, including a service level agreement (SLA) for uptime, support services, and the handling of customer data and confidentiality.
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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Specifies RFgen’s commitment to maintaining a Service Availability, protocols for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, exclusions. Additionally, RFgen provides support services with specified response times for issues of varying severity.
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End-User License Agreement (EULA)

Outlines the terms and conditions under which users are permitted to install and use RFgen software. By accepting the agreement, users agree to comply with the conditions set forth, including restrictions on copying, modifying, or distributing the software.

Data Security Policy

Explains RFgen’s commitment to maintaining robust security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data. This policy also includes user access and responsibilities, the use of third-party applications, and continuous service monitoring.
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Corporate Security Policy

Details RFgen’s strict security measures designed to protect customer data. As a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions, RFgen emphasizes the importance of safeguarding critical systems, sensitive data, and upholding high ethical conduct throughout the organization.
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