Insitu Inc.

Leader in unmanned aircraft systems launches mobile data collection and lands in a new world of accuracy and efficiency.

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  • Industry: Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing
  • ERP: Deltek Costpoint 7.0.1
  • Applications: Inventory Management, Custom App Development


  • Automated and mobilized data collection
  • Smooth assessment, development and rollout
  • Accelerated inventory control and visibility
  • Significant labor savings in inventory processes
  • Easier, faster bin swaps and inventory transfers
  • Added capability to pick multiples orders at once
  • Much faster issue-to-sales order process
  • All customer objectives fulfilled – and more
Insitu was at a crossroads with their manufacturing processes. The time had come to automate critical materials management procedures with a new mobile data collection system: RFgen.


Insitu operates a busy manufacturing operation that was rapidly outgrowing the daily transactions that its manual processes could handle. Insitu needed a digital solution to become more efficient by automating key warehouse workflows to replace its heavy reliance on slow, burdensome manual data entry and tracking processes. Previously, the company tried implementing a barcoding software solution that ultimately proved unreliable and inflexible, lacking critical integration with Deltek Costpoint.

We wanted a user-friendly tool that would be reliable and interface with Deltek Costpoint.

Chris Lorentz, Business System Analyst


Insitu chose RFgen Mobile Foundations for Deltek Costpoint, a Deltek-validated suite of out-of-the-box automated mobile transactions that simplify and accelerate materials management and supply chain logistics for data collection and barcoding. RFgen provides real-time, bi-directional information exchange between Costpoint and barcode scanners, handheld devices, RFID devices, PLCs and scale-type devices to optimize inventory, production, and manufacturing process workflows.

“RFgen offered the transactions we needed out-of-the-box, along with some transactions we’d really like to use in the future. A key factor was the proven integration with Costpoint,” Lorentz said.

The team launched RFgen on mobile devices such as tablets and Bluetooth barcode scanners, in conjunction with BarTender labeling software by Seagull Scientific, for on-demand label printing.

“The Business Analysis Workshop was an excellent process,” Lorentz said. “RFgen captured the user story and showed us what the screens would look like so users could envision the end result. RFgen identified 85-90% of our requirements upfront, which was fantastic.“ The BAW helped pave the way for a smooth transition to the new solution. Lorentz and the Insitu team opted for an agile, two-phase deployment approach to gain user feedback throughout implementation.


Insitu’s deployment of RFgen successfully automated data collection to replace manual warehouse processes through mobility solutions tailor-made for Deltek Costpoint.
Benefits and results included:

  • Automated and mobilized data collection
  • Accelerated inventory control and visibility
  • Significant labor savings in inventory processes
  • Easier, faster bin swaps and inventory transfers
  • Added capability to pick multiples orders at once
  • Much faster issue-to-sales order process
  • Smooth assessment, development and rollout
  • All customer objectives fulfilled – and more

“Our warehouse employees love RFgen because it’s easy to use. The forms are well designed, with the user in mind. RFgen worked very, very hard and they were very responsive to see the work through to success. Even the project’s biggest skeptic told me ‘I love barcoding’ after we deployed RFgen,” said Lorentz.

Insitu Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, manufactures unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for defense, commercial and civil applications. They have locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia to design, develop, produce and operate cost-effective, high-performance UAS deployed around the world.