Your Guide to ROI for Warehouse Software


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Did you know? RFgen mobile solutions reduce costs and improve performance, delivering fast ROI. Here are the big 4 areas to find ROI:

1. Inventory Factors

Automated data capture ensures real-time visibility and pinpoint accuracy:

  • 99.99% accuracy is achievable
  • Average cost per error: $50-100
  • Reduce carrying costs: Reduce on-hand inventory levels by 3.5%
  • Quality Control: reduce 10% of inventory losses from deterioration
  • Scalability: +30% efficiency – faster processing time, greater throughput

2. Labor Costs

Enterprise mobility maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of your workforce:

  • Increase worker productivity by 30% with mobile barcoding
  • Training time: 80% reduction in time-to-productivity
  • Talent acquisition & turnover: $4,129 average turnover cost per hire
  • Reduce injury rates: $42,000 average cost per injury

3. Solution Impact

A best-of-breed WMS may not be worth the long path to ROI:

  • Time to market: <4 months (RFgen) vs 12+ months (WMS)
  • Time to ROI: <8 months (RFgen) vs 24+ months
  • Size & Weight: Lower cost & complexity (RFgen) vs Significant cost & complexity (WMS)
  • Flexibility: Fast, simple to modify (RFgen) vs Slow, complicated to modify (WMS)

4. Indirect Influences

RFgen mitigates intangible costs from:

  • Customer Service Interruptions
  • Invisible Bottlenecks
  • Industry & Regulatory Compliance
  • Environmental Disruptions

RFgen Software. Real ROI. Real Results.

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