Webinar: Modernizing with Mobility for SAP


Mobile UI/UX is All About Cost and Efficiency

Today’s fast-paced supply chain demands tools that simplify user experience without sacrificing quality. User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) may seem like a matter of aesthetic choice, but they have a direct impact on efficiency, cost, and user adoption. This webinar will explore how modern UI/UX designed to match the expectations and behaviors of today’s mobile users can make or break your expensive technology acquisition.

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • Enterprise mobility’s role in supply chain modernization
  • Why mobile usability is crucial for project success
  • The importance of good mobile UI design in productivity, training, and usability
  • How to ensure implementation stickiness with good mobile UI

It doesn’t matter how robust your solution is if the people who need to use it don’t want to use it. Watch this insightful webinar from the experts at RFgen and discover the surprising role of mobile UI/UX in driving efficiency, user adoption, and ROI.

The need for an even more intuitive user experience will increase in 2024.

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