Move Ahead with Mobile Manufacturing Solutions


Now is the Time to Move Ahead with Enterprise Mobility

24/7 inventory visibility is a smart move in manufacturing. For companies looking to drive efficiency, productivity, quality, and cost reduction, going mobile is the smartest decision you can make.

49% of manufacturers fall behind when they don’t use smart strategies. Don’t fall behind!

RFgen has mobile manufacturing solutions to move you ahead with mobile barcoding technology delivered by supply chain experts.

Ineffective manual tracking means no visibility between inbound materials and pick-pack-ship. With RFgen, manufacturers can gain 24/7 inventory visibility for entire production lifecycles, including inbound materials, materials prep, production, finishing, and pick-pack-ship.

Real manufacturers. Real results.

Manufacturers across the globe are already enjoying the benefits of RFgen’s mobile solutions.

Accelerate operations with +40% efficiency just like:

Achieve 24/7 continuity with seamless offline mobility:

Gain end-to-end traceability:

Mobile manufacturing solutions built for your inventory.