National Food Products Company (NFPC)

Premier food and beverage company of UAE achieves 99.9% inventory visibility.

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  • Industry: Food and Beverage
  • ERP: Oracle JD Edwards
  • RFgen Solutions: Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Inbound/Outbound Processes

Goals Achieved

  • Achieved real-time paperless inventory management
  • Full food traceability and material visibility
  • 99.9% system availability with offline mobility
  • Enhanced agility and faster order fulfillment


With RFgen, NFPC now has total control and instant insights into product status and related data.

With NFPC’s ongoing expansion and widespread network of operations, their warehouse operations needed an increased level of visibility for product stock levels. Their goals were clear:

  • Eliminate paper-based processes by digitizing their inventory management operations.
  • Dramatically increase their batch traceability management for clear insights and fast decisions regarding potential shelflife and “near expiry” issues.


RFgen’s expert team provided project management and technical consulting and successfully integrated the RFgen Mobile Unity Platform to meet NFPC’s goals and accomplish:

  • Inbound visibility: a license plate process was developed to label incoming stock from NFPC distribution centers and external suppliers, ensuring that stock was logged and tracked with full traceability.
  • Manufacturing visibility: work orders were generated for finished goods and raw materials, as well as labor consumption.
  • Outbound visibility: picking and shipping operations would now conform to FEFO (First Expiry, First Out) rules.



NFPC’s collaborative partnership with RFgen produced noteworthy ROI within the four plant sites they selected for the initial rollout, including:

  • All operations on the warehouse floor now reflect full traceability and real-time integration with their Oracle JD Edwards ERP.
  • RFgen’s high availability performance, even during network outages, has provided NFPC with 99.9% system availability and data access.

With the dramatic improvement in their ability to collect, report, and analyze data from their inventory operations, NFPC now plans to implement RFgen’s Mobile Unity Platform in five more plant sites soon.

Key achievements include improved:

  • Reliability: NFPC’s high volume operations require a solution that does not disconnect or cause productivity losses, and RFgen provides stability and reliability that NFPC’s employees need to do their jobs accurately and effectively. Users also love the intuitive, easy-to-use interface and devices.
  • Traceability: As a food manufacturer, NFPC’s top priority is food quality and safety. With RFgen, NFPC has total control and instant insights into product status and related data. This is particularly helpful for food and beverage companies due to expiry issues related to their products.
  • Speed: During spikes in demand, RFgen’s automation technology can increase plant utilization for faster order fulfillment—without adding labor or sacrificing quality. Quick mobile app development increases NFPC’s agility and ability to pivot quickly to remain successful while capitalizing on new business opportunities.

National Food Products Company (NFPC) in UAE is home to popular consumer brands such as Oasis, Lacnor, Blu, Laban Up, Gulf & Safa, Melco, Milco, Royal Bakers and Aqua Fresh. This premier company continues to grow and exports their brands to over 40 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.