Discover RFgen Mobile Solutions (Overview)


Discover RFgen Mobile Edge™ for Your ERP

Extend the power of your ERP system to point-of-scan with lightning-fast mobile barcoding software. With RFgen Mobile Edge™, you can transform efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and cost control and get fast ROI.

In today’s supply chain, no one is perfect—but 99.99% isn’t bad.

Achieve 99.99% with RFgen:

  • 99% cycle counting
  • 99% inventory accuracy
  • 99% traceability

Mobile barcoding from RFgen delivers:

  • 80% faster training
  • 30-50% increase in productivity
  • 30-50% boost in efficiency

With RFgen, you can transform inefficient processes into digital inventory.

  • Certified ERP integrations
  • Real-time connectivity
  • Data to ERP in milliseconds
  • Paperless automation

Real results for real clients.

Organizations across the globe are already enjoying the benefits of RFgen’s mobile solutions:

  • Do more with fewer people: reduce training time by 80% and increase productivity by 50% like Capstone Nutrition.
  • Increase profitability: Clif Bar & Co. reduces supply chain costs by 25%.
  • Gain full visibility: get end-to-end traceability, from supplies to customers, like Caito Foods.
  • Enhance security: Grupo Cementos leverages product features that strengthen ERP security.

Why RFgen

Inventories transformed. Problems Solved. Here’s why:

  • The industry’s best mobile barcoding software
  • 3,000 customers worldwide
  • 4+ decades of expertise
  • 25+ industries
  • 99% perfect