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  • Industry: Dietary Supplements
  • ERP: Oracle’s JD Edwards World A7.3
  • Application: Inventory Control, Sales Orders, Picking, Shipping, Equipment and Plant maintenance


  • 50% improvement in productivity during component picking stage
  • Increased quality control
  • Improved accuracy
  • Accelerated process times

The Challenge

cornerstone-challenge-1Capstone Nutrition runs a fast-paced, high volume manufacturing environment. Finished goods are produced using a four-step process. During the first step, work order components are picked and weighed. The weighed components move to the manufacturing facility and are blended together. The bulk product is then used to manufacture tablets or capsules. Finally, the tablets or capsules are packaged in inner and outer packaging to create the final product ready to be picked and shipped to the customer.

Because inventory movement is involved in the manufacturing steps, it was a challenge for Capstone to organize the component picking, record the inventory movement in a timely manner, and control the overall process. Capstone needed to capture real-time inventory movement and enforce tight controls regarding component picking and weighing. They also wanted to intelligently direct their inventory pickers to the location where to pull products from the warehouse.Prior to the implementation of the RFgen Mobile Foundations for JD Edwards solution, all raw material inventory transactions were manually recorded several days after the components were used and the finished goods were physically completed. This entailed multiple layers of manual data entry in the raw material weighing and quality checking process. Additionally, Capstone had excess inventory after weighing which needed to be returned to inventory. The time required to move the excess back into warehouse locations took away from time available to pick further work orders.

The Solution

Capstone introduced RFgen’s component picking module into its raw material inventory selection process. It is a directed method that prompts the user with the next picking location and lot number. It enforces FIFO lot control and consolidates inventory by consuming locations with the least quantity of inventory first. By implementing this element, Capstone reduced the amount of excess inventory return from the weight rooms to the warehouse.

Through the design and re-engineering of the facility’s processes integrating RFgen, Capstone experienced a 50% improvement in productivity during the component picking stage.

The Result

Capstone utilized RFgen to check quantities during each manufacturing step and get a digital “signoff” which increased quality control, improved accuracy, and decreased process time substantially. Digital quantity checks throughout the process improved inventory control, planning, and purchasing by providing real-time inventory transaction details allowing a clear picture of each consumable and all finish goods produced. Raw materials are now issued and finished products completed without manually entering data. Costing is also now a real-time activity. The JD Edwards certified RFgen solution implemented in their receiving and inventory operations led to reduced errors, streamlined processes, improved accuracy, and increased productivity.

Capstone’s next phase of RFgen implementation will streamline its sales orders picking and shipping. Equipment and plant maintenance implementations are also planned to address preventative maintenance, maintenance labor, and spare parts management.

Cornerstone Research & Development, dba Capstone Nutrition, formulates and manufactures hundreds of dietary supplement products including vitamins, minerals, and specialty formulas marketed in a variety of packaging formats. Operating from a 100,000+ square foot manufacturing and packaging facility, they produce the highest quality natural healthcare supplements and food products available.