End-to-End Product Traceability with License Plating for JD Edwards

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Learn how license plating can help you reduce inventory errors, speed up operations, and trace products more quickly in your JD Edwards warehouse.

Like any manufacturer or distributor, you need to keep items flowing from the receiving dock to the warehouse and onto the shipping area. Beyond that, you must also have the ability to associate critical information with each lot of items then trace each lot through the supply chain. In the event of a recall, you must identify which customers were shipped affected lots and get the word out within hours.

In this video we’ll cover:

  • Eight signs you need license plating.
  • Top seven benefits of license plating in warehouse and manufacturing operations.
  • Where license plating can make the biggest impact in your JD Edwards environment.
  • An overview of the RFgen License Plating Solution for JD Edwards.
  • Several case studies of JD Edwards customer using RFgen License Plating to achieve end-to-end traceability.

How can you achieve end-to-end product traceability with license plating? Watch the video presentation to find out.