SAP Human Resources Guide

Get to know the SAP Human Resources (HR) / Human Capital Management (HCM) module and its mobile apps included in the RFgen MobileEdge™ for SAP solution. RFgen®’s mobile apps suite optimizes time and labor tracking.

What is SAP Human Resources (HR/HCM)?

SAP Human Resources (HR), now known as SAP Human Capital Management (HCM), is a module within the SAP ERP system that manages various HR functions, such as payroll, personnel administration, organizational management, time management, and talent management.

SAP HR/HCM can be customized to align with specific HR roles and operational needs.

Understanding SAP Human Resources

Common Features and Tools

Some of the commonly used features and tools include:

  • Customizable dashboard interface for managing employee data, payroll processing, generating HR reports.
  • Employee self-service (ESS) functionality
  • Manager self-service (MSS) functionality
  • Organizational management

Advanced features include:

Human Resources Operations and Management

SAP HR/HCM assists with HR operations and management in the following ways:

  • Personnel Administration and Payroll: More efficient management of employee records, payroll processing, and compliance with legal requirements. Ensures accuracy in payroll and tax calculations, and the handling of benefits administration.
  • Talent Management and Employee Development: More effective recruitment procedures, performance appraisal, and career development planning. Integrates learning and development modules for continuous employee growth.
  • Time Management and Legal Compliance: Manages time and attendance records, absence management, and compliance with labor laws. Incorporates best practices for aligning HR policies with legal standards and corporate objectives.

With a digital platform like SAP HCM, organizations can more effectively identify and solve common HR issues like talent retention, payroll errors, and compliance risks while increasing employee engagement.

Integration with Other SAP Modules

SAP HR/HCM can be seamlessly integrated with other SAP modules like Finance (FI), Controlling (CO), and SuccessFactors, ensuring cohesive organizational management. Integration of multiple modules helps facilitate consistent data flow and process efficiency across different business areas.

Companies can further modernize HR processes by adopting SAP SuccessFactors.

Integration with Other Business Processes

To further streamline the flow of HR data into other areas of the business, businesses may also wish to integrate SAP HR capabilities with finance and controlling. In this way, the module can be used to improve financial management and budgeting for HR expenses, enhancing financial reporting and analysis.

RFgen®’s Role in SAP Human Resources (HR)

RFgen® enables workers to use SAP Human Resources functionality on a mobile device for time tracking purposes. Users can clock in and clock out to track time spent on various tasks, such as manufacturing or assembly stages.

RFgen®’s SAP Human Resources Suite works in conjunction with these other SAP mobile app suites:RFgen Mobile Edge for SAP offers mobile apps in its Human Resources Suite

Mobile Applications for SAP Human Resources (HR)

RFgen® for SAP includes mobile applications in its SAP Human Resources Suite, providing mobile automation for task and worker time tracking. Users can enter and manage clock events directly from a mobile device.

Best Practices for SAP Human Resources

Implementing best practices is essential to getting the most out of SAP Human Resources. Some of these best practices include:

  • Gain a clear understanding of business requirements before implementing the module.
  • Leverage the HR/HCM module to standardize HR processes, improving organizational efficiency.
  • Embrace digital transformation in HR by eliminating as much paperwork as possible and keeping all data up to date in the module.
  • Invest in comprehensive training for users, both HR staff and end-users—ensures successful adoption.
  • Integrate SAP HR/HCM with other modules to increase inter-departmental alignment.
  • Implement a feedback mechanism to continuously gather user input and improve the system’s usability and effectiveness.
  • Ensure instant, accurate time tracking for labor and projects with mobile software.

Future Trends and Updates in SAP Human Resources

While human resources management isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, SAP’s HR modules are continuing to evolve. Originally called SAP HR, the module has since gone on to become HCM and is now setting the stage to become the next generation of HR: Human Experience Management (HMX).

You can learn more about the HCM product roadmap here.

It’s a good idea to stay informed and adapt to new trends and features to fully leverage the SAP HR/HCM’s capabilities.

Training and Support Resources

The SAP community offers much in the way of training and support. Some helpful resources include:

Community and online forums also offer ways to engage with the SAP community for advice, best practices, and problem-solving strategies.

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