Adopting Enterprise Mobility in the Supply Chain

How to Go from Paper to Barcode Scanner to Tablet with Mobile Apps.

Adopting Enterprise Mobility in the Supply Chain White Paper

With new enterprise mobility solutions now available, companies can extend the reach of enterprise systems into the field. Using handheld computers, such as barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets, remote employees can access critical information and update enterprise systems as they work for greater visibility into operations across the organization. If you’re exploring how your company might benefit from enterprise mobility within the four walls of the warehouse or outside, read this free case study to find out:

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  • The key benefits of mobile enterprise data collection with tablets or scanners.
  • How tablets and scanners may improve your internal operations.
  • What mobility can help you achieve outside the four walls.
  • Five important considerations about a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.

How can you go from paper to barcode scanners to tablets?
Download the ebook to find out.