RFgen Digital Inventory Report

Managing inventory in today’s supply chain can feel a little like trying to plan a road trip with a map that changes every time you look at it. New challenges and unexpected speed bumps are everywhere. This first-ever Digital Inventory Report seeks to help guide inventory professionals in their decision-making.

cover of RFgen Software white paper the 2022 RFgen Digital Inventory Report

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Get the inside scoop on trends in inventory management.

You could spend hours and hours trying to research trends in managing inventory in today’s supply chain environment. Or you could simply read the 2022 Digital Inventory Report, the first-of-its-kind research survey and report focused exclusively on inventory management.

In this concise and highly visual report, you will learn:

  • Current status and trends in digital inventory technology
  • The role and prevalence of mobile inventory solutions
  • Top challenges, including issues emerging from the pandemic
  • Future investments enterprise companies are planning for inventory management

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The State of Inventory Management

We surveyed inventory management professionals in manufacturing and distribution about their material handling processes. Here’s what they said:

say data security is important
use barcode scanning
have some level of mobile automation
feel their level of automation is sufficient

The priorities that enterprise companies place on technology solutions in the warehouse are critical to the forward momentum of digital transformation.

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