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Mobile Apps for Oracle SCM Cloud

Augment core ERP capabilities through industry-best mobile barcoding and data collection with RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle® SCM Cloud.

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Extend and expand the power of Oracle® SCM Cloud with RFgen Mobile Foundations. Leverage built-in best practices for supply chain processes with enterprise mobility, barcoding and low-code mobile application development.

  • Oracle®-Certified Integration for Oracle® Cloud Release 11 and above. Gold-level Partner. Oracle Partner Network (OPN) member.
  • Mobilize inventory, manufacturing, purchasing and other supply chain activities to point-of-work using mobile barcoding technology.
  • Maximize Data Quality with real-time, world-class validated transactions for your Oracle® ecosystem.
  • Zero Footprint on your Oracle® environment. Doesn't install on your Oracle® server or add intrusive code.

Keep operations running 24x7


RFgen Off-Network Mobility Solutions keep your workforce productive when your front-end mobile and wireless devices are out of range, but how about when your back-end enterprise systems are offline due to system maintenance or you have remote warehouses? With RFgen’s High Availability Distributed Solutions, you can keep your operations running 24/7 regardless of your ERP systems availability.

Asset Management Solutions Benefits


Accuracy – Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology.


Efficiency – Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets.


Productivity – Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work.


Less Training – Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms.

Move from paper to tablet

Whether you’re installing solar panels in a customer’s home or delivering ice cream to grocery stores, your mobile workers are plagued with paperwork. Paper tracking of field activities is slow, error prone and workers may rush in order to get to their next job, leaving a scrawl of handwriting for the home office to transcribe. Porting forms from clipboard to a mobile workforce software solution and mobile devices means:

  • Data is captured accurately and legibly.
  • Mobile forms ensure all required data is entered before workers can move forward.
  • Information is automatically transferred to your ERP – no back office data entry.
  • Verification at the point of delivery with electronic signature captures, photos and GPS data.
  • Faster invoicing for improved cash flow.

Collect data in challenging areas

Workers can have trouble getting data from their mobile devices to their ERP if network connectivity is spotty or nonexistent. When you use RFgen Off-Network Mobility Solutions, data is stored on the local device and sent over the network as soon as it’s available again.

This is useful for:

  • Field service operations and direct store deliveries
  • Accelerated cycle counts that don’t wait on a response back from the ERP after each scan
  • Facilities with unique areas like cold storage or wine cellars
  • Warehouses with high reaching inventory that blocks wireless signals
  • Off-shore or underground operations like oil, gas or mining
  • Places where cellular networks are prohibited (e.g. hospitals, areas with explosive materials, etc.)

Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience

By automating data collection and paper-based processes, your mobile workers are empowered to finish jobs faster, increase initial visit fix rates and provide status, work history and product information to customers in real-time. Their ability to access the information they need to complete jobs quickly and completely and wrap-up any “paperwork” on the spot leaves your clients impressed, satisfied and more likely to recommend you.


Achieve end-to-end visibility in your supply chain

Extending automation and mobility beyond the four walls of the warehouse and into the field is the only way to achieve accurate, end to end visibly of your supply chain operations and inventory. With RFgen mobile workforce software, your workers can:

  • Update and manage work orders and customer information from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Attach additional information to work orders like photos or GPS data.
  • Receive updated schedules.
  • View job history for a particular customer or asset.
  • Pull up details and warranty information on parts or products.
  • Check availability and reorder parts and materials.
  • Submit time, materials, labor and expenses.
  • Document proof of delivery with electronic signature capture and photos.
  • Create customer invoices.

The following are additional capabilities that mobile workforce software solutions can provide in other areas of your business:

Field Sales

Create and sign contracts and orders

Check warehouse inventory

Review and update customer information

Place orders

Check order status

Route Sales

Plan efficient sales routes

Manage inventory on the truck

Review and update customer information

Track the truck for management


Plan delivery routes

Track the truck for management

Record deliveries

Collect digital signatures

Asset Management

Conduct physical fixed asset inventory

Check in/check out assets to prevent theft and loss

Record transfers between business locations


Remote Warehouses

Check in/check out for equipment

Receive new inventory and put away

Pick and send out inventory