Oracle Cloud Order Management Guide

Get to know the Oracle Fusion Cloud Order Management solution and the mobile apps included in RFgen for Oracle Cloud. RFgen’s OM mobile apps suite optimizes pick, pack, and ship processes by bringing instant transactions to point-of-work.

What is Oracle Cloud Order Management?

Oracle Cloud Order Management (OM) is a robust order-to-cash solution for the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP system that helps organizations manage and optimize order processes in supply chain management. Its functionalities support faster, more efficient order execution to improve customer service and profit margins.

Understanding the Oracle Cloud Order Management

Definition and Core Features

Oracle Fusion Cloud Order Management (OM) is an essential tool for digitally managing sales orders, order processing, customer transactions, and order fulfillment processes. The technology aims to simplify complex orders and order exceptions as well as product and service configurations, while also enabling strategic price management and revenue management by channel.

Commonly used features include order entry and tracking, order picking, order status tracking, and customer account management.

Organizations may wish to tailor the interface to align with specific user roles and business requirements.

A dashboard overview provides at-a-glance metrics for crucial KPIs like backorders, orders past due or on hold, errors, and order lines to be completed.

Advanced Features and Functions

In addition to core order management capability, Oracle’s OM solution provides advanced features and functions:

  • Centralized Order Hub
  • Global Order Promising (GOP)
  • Automated Order Orchestration
  • Configurable Order Capture
  • Dynamic Pricing and Discounting
  • Cross-Channel Fulfillment
  • Return and Exchange Management
  • Integration with Logistics and Carriers

Integrations with Inventory and Financials

To get the most out of Oracle Cloud OM, businesses should integrate the Order Management solution with other aspects of inventory management and financials. This may include integrating applications from Oracle’s Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM) solution as well as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. This way, organizations can maintain a holistic view of operations.

RFgen’s Role in Oracle Cloud Order Management

RFgen puts Oracle Cloud Order Management into the hands of workers. Users can pick and ship right from a mobile device.

RFgen’s Oracle Cloud Order Management Suite works in conjunction with these other Oracle mobile app suites:

Mobile Inventory Applications for Oracle Cloud Order Management (OM)

RFgen for Oracle Cloud includes mobile applications for many transactions in its Oracle Cloud Order Management Suite, providing mobile automation for picking and shipping.


This functionality enables users to find sales order line details from a mobile device.


Using these capabilities, users can perform a number of pick actions for sales orders (SO), work orders (WO), or leverage advanced picking methodologies.


By utilizing these capabilities, users can perform a number of shipping-related tasks around confirmations, assignments, or removals.

Best Practices for Oracle Cloud Order Management

Implementing Oracle Cloud Order Management is only the first step in improving supply chain operations. To truly maximize the benefits of the ERP solution, organizations must also adopt order management best practices, such as:

  • Centralizing order management from all channels into a single system.
  • Automating order processing to minimize manual interventions.
  • Leveraging the global order promising feature to provide accurate delivery dates.
  • Optimizing fulfillment strategies with mobile software for picking, packing, and shipping.
  • Enhancing visibility and tracking of inventory with smart mobile inventory apps.
  • Utilizing analytics and reporting capabilities to gain insights for continuous improvement.
  • Training and supporting your team with mobile technologies that facilitate productivity.
  • Designing order management processes with customer needs in mind.

Future Trends and Updates in Oracle Cloud OM

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates for Oracle Fusion Cloud Order Management by visiting the Oracle Cloud Application Update Readiness webpage or by exploring Oracle News.

Training and Support Resources

The Oracle community offers much in the way of training and support. Some helpful resources include:

Community and online forums also offer ways to engage with the Oracle community for advice, best practices, and problem-solving strategies.

Resolving Common Issues in Oracle Cloud OM

If you’re experiencing issues using Oracle Fusion Cloud Order Management, try visiting Oracle Support.

For RFgen users, contact technical support.

For non-customers, contact us directly to learn more about what RFgen’s Order Management Suite can do for you.

You may also wish to visit our resource detailing the problems we solve.

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