Oracle Cloud Quality Management Guide

Get to know the Oracle Fusion Cloud Quality Management solution and how it can be supported by RFgen Mobile Application Suites for Oracle Cloud. Enhance quality management with RFgen’s mobile app suites that extend the power of Oracle to wherever your people work.

What is Oracle Cloud Quality Management?

Oracle Fusion Cloud Quality Management (QM) is an application within the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, an SCM solution for the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP system. Its primary purpose is to improve quality management processes for quality standards, defect tracking and resolution, compliance, and audit management.

Understanding the Oracle Cloud Quality Management Suite

Definition and Core Features

With Oracle Fusion Cloud Quality Management (QM), users gain a comprehensive set of applications to enhance quality management processes. These processes include designing for quality, performing inspections, managing quality issues, managing risk, issuing corrective actions, and managing audits.

Commonly used features include those designed to track and manage quality control processes, compliance standards, and product testing procedures.

Many organizations customize the user interface to meet specific quality management roles and organizational needs. Mobile software can add additional layers of security and configuration around user access controls in Oracle Cloud.

Advanced Quality Management Features

In addition to core capabilities, some of the more advanced features and functions of Oracle Fusion Cloud Quality Management include:

  • Integrated Quality Intelligence
  • Automated Quality Processes
  • Quality by Design (QbD)
  • Closed-loop Quality Management
  • Configurable Quality Standards
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Collaborative Quality Resolution
  • Predictive Quality Analytics

Integration with Manufacturing and Supply Chain Processes

Organizations using Oracle Cloud Quality Management (QM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) often integrate these capabilities with other Oracle Cloud SCM solutions or modules, including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Order Management
  • Logistics

RFgen’s Role in Oracle Cloud Quality Management

RFgen puts the power of Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM into the hands of workers. Users can update Oracle Cloud in real-time at point-of-work right from a mobile device.

RFgen’s Oracle Cloud mobile app suites offer a variety of functionalities that enhance quality management:

Best Practices for Oracle Cloud Quality Management

Adopting Quality Management is only the first step in improving operational performance while maintaining the highest standards. To get the most out of Oracle Cloud Quality Management, be sure to implement these key best practices:

  • Integrate quality management processes across the supply chain, from procurement to delivery.
  • Standardize quality processes and procedures to ensure consistency and compliance.
  • Implement preventive quality measures by using predictive analytics and quality control plans.
  • Automate routine quality tasks to reduce opportunities for human error.
  • Adopt a continuous improvement methodology based on quality metrics and various feedback mechanisms.
  • Engage and collaborate with suppliers about quality standards, expectations, and performance.
  • Utilize Oracle’s built-in quality management capabilities to monitor compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Leverage Oracle’s data analytics and live KPI reporting dashboards to gain additional insights.

Future Trends and Updates in Oracle Cloud QM

Stay on top of the latest news and updates for Oracle Fusion Cloud Quality Management by visiting the Oracle Cloud Application Update Readiness webpage or by exploring Oracle News.

Training and Support Resources

The Oracle community offers much in the way of training and support. Some helpful resources include:

Community and online forums also offer ways to engage with the Oracle community for advice, best practices, and problem-solving strategies.

Resolving Common Issues in Oracle Cloud QM

If you’re experiencing issues using Oracle Fusion Cloud Quality Management, try visiting Oracle Support.

For RFgen users, contact technical support.

For non-customers, contact us directly to learn more about what RFgen’s mobile app suites can do for you.

You may also wish to visit our resource detailing the problems we solve.

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