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4 Ways RFgen Mobile Apps Help You Get More Out of Oracle SCM Cloud

Written by Mike Davis
September 30, 2020


  • As supply chain companies transition to the cloud, some fear the loss of custom processes and workflows.
  • RFgen mobile barcoding apps for Oracle SCM Cloud can augment ERP capabilities and preserve unique functionality to create a mobile supply chain.
  • Pre-built mobile app templates automate receiving, picking, inventory movements, cycle counting, manufacturing work orders, and more with dynamic online/offline connectivity.

Transitioning to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice custom workflows.

Transitioning to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice custom workflows.

75% of supply chain companies believe transitioning to the cloud will be essential to continue operating. ERP providers are making cloud technology a priority—and many customers are getting on board.

Oracle SCM Cloud provides the latest in next-gen ERP capabilities, including enhanced security measures, lower costs and supply chain functionalities. As a newer ERP, some functionalities are not yet available. Concerns remain over moving custom processes and workflows, as well as third-party vendor integration.

Expanding Oracle SCM Cloud with RFgen Mobile Barcoding Apps

RFgen’s new mobile app suite for Oracle SCM Cloud and supply chain is designed to extend and augment your Oracle Cloud ERP environment. For Oracle customers migrating to SCM Cloud, RFgen allows you to preserve custom tables and functionalities after migration to bridge process gaps.

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RFgen mobile technology provides advanced data collection technology for inventory transactions, as well as direct store delivery, Google Maps integration, manufacturing, MRO, and more. Pre-tested, pre-built mobile apps for end-users make this possible.

User can also take advantage of the recently added Single Sign On (SSO) support to integrate seamlessly with Oracle’s SSO technology.

Whether you are a current user in need of new functionality or you’re considering future migration to cloud, here are four ways RFgen mobile apps help you get more out of Oracle SCM Cloud:

1. Increase Productivity with Mobile Purchasing and Order Management

Mobile software empowers your workers to maximize productivity. With the new mobile order management suite, your workers can complete picking and shipping operations from point-of-work.

If customers alter orders last minute, you’ll have real-time visibility into inventory levels to quickly adjust assignments or pivot priorities. Your workforce can receive this work reallocation directly on their mobile device without having to wait for a paper ticket.

The pick wave mobile app enables your workers to pick multiple orders in one wave. This eliminates travel time for order picking for greater efficiency and productivity. RFgen handles the picking assignments automatically.

Our order management mobile app suite includes:

Order Management Suite

  • Pick Confirm
  • Pick Wave
  • Ship Confirm

With more on the way.

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2. Gain Visibility with Mobile Inventory Management

With mobile apps built for supply chain, your workforce will gain greater productivity, efficiency and visibility to boost your bottom line.

RFgen mobile apps built for supply chain, your workforce will gain greater productivity, efficiency and visibility to boost your bottom line.

Mobile apps drive accuracy to 99.5% and above. Your team can trust their inventory levels are accurate because the ERP is always up to date. This gives your operation true visibility.

For example, the cycle count mobile app automates the time-consuming cycle count process to increase accuracy, and thus, visibility. Your workers can quickly scan and transact against your ERP with mobile devices.

One steel manufacturer reduced its labor time by 60% for cycle counting inventory with this one app.

Now, RFgen’s new suite brings this functionality to Oracle SCM Cloud. The suite also contains applications for issuing, moving, inquiries, inspections and receiving.

Here’s a more complete list:

Inventory Management

  • Inter Org Transfer
  • Miscellaneous Issue
  • Miscellaneous Receipt
  • Sub Inventory Transfer
  • Item Inquiry
  • Transfer Order
  • Cycle Count

Purchasing Suite

  • Inspection
  • Receiving
  • Put Away

3. Enhance Material Visibility During Production

RFgen’s work order process manufacturing suite also boosts visibility of materials as they move throughout production. Traditionally, manufacturers have little oversight into inventory movements in between receiving and shipping, especially for process manufacturing.

RFgen’s mobile app suite unveils inventory movements in between inbound and outbound procedures. Workers and industrial devices follow industry-specific workflows as they are guided to scan or collect data at key transaction points. This can contribute to 100% end-to-end visibility to minimize downtime and lost materials.

This pre-made suite includes:

Work Order Process Manufacturing Suite

  • Operation Confirmation – Discrete Manufacturing
  • Work Order Completion – Process Manufacturing
  • Work Order Issue – Discrete Manufacturing
  • Work Order Issue – Process Manufacturing

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4. Preserve Legacy and Custom Processes in the Cloud

On-premise ERP users may be concerned about losing custom functionality not yet available in Oracle’s cloud ERP offering. For example, Oracle SCM Cloud only allows for the creation of custom tables or webpages with its PAAS model. With RFgen Mobile Development Studio, however, users can create or modify the front-end and then use custom objects in any Oracle SCM Cloud version, and at a lower cost, to preserve this custom functionality after migration.

One industrial manufacturer experienced this exact concern during their recent transition to Oracle SCM Cloud. They partnered with RFgen’s team of experienced Oracle consultants to create custom objects that maintained crucial custom functionality for work orders and operations.

Additionally, RFgen works in conjunction with Oracle SCM Cloud to help support:

  • Offline mobility and off-network data collection for continuous data collection
  • MES and QC with traceability, workflows, mobile apps and data collection
  • Preservation of complex and custom workflows in the cloud environment
  • High availability and offline capabilities
  • Developing custom components at a low cost
  • Integration with multiple label printing software
  • Integration with 1-D/2-D barcodes and RFID

And more.

RFgen’s recently expanded suites for Oracle SCM Cloud include more pre-built, pre-tested and pre-validated logic than described here. Upcoming apps include transactions like sales order inquiries, return receipts, movement receipts and more.

Additional applications are being developed in conjunction with RFgen’s upcoming 5.2 release as well.

Your Mobile Oracle SCM Cloud Supply Chain is Waiting

RFgen mobile supply chain solutions can help Oracle SCM Cloud customers get the most out of their ERP investment by untapping the power of mobile apps for supply chain. Built on mobile data collection best practices, adopters gain the benefits of automation without building new infrastructure. RFgen mobile apps help support Oracle ERP users migrating to cloud, too. Keep vital custom processes rather than going without.

Whether you are looking for a cost-effective means to boost productivity and material visibility, or you are migrating from on-prem to cloud, RFgen mobile apps drive optimization.

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