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Serialization in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Learn how mobile data collection can help you comply with DSCSA requirements and keep counterfeit drugs out of your supply chain.


What you will learn in this white paper.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that counterfeit drugs in the supply chain cost manufacturers $40 billion annually, and prompt safety recalls minimize product liability and potential compliance fines.

It is expected that full implementation of the DSCSA will improve patient safety by creating a system that makes it easier to identify counterfeit drugs, and quicker to remove them out of the supply chain. The same system will also speed up the process for pulling back a legitimate drug from the supply chain in the event of a safety recall. 

In this white paper, we reveal:

  • The challenges of complying with the upcoming DSCSA serialization and verification requirements deadline.
  • The value of mobile data collection and aggregation in the pharmaceutical supply chain—beyond serialization.
  • Seven things to consider when looking for a serialization solution.
  • How to achieve compliance quickly and effectively with a mobile data collection solution.

How can you become DSCSA compliant?

Download the white paper now and find out.

Download the White Paper Now

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