Melaleuca Wellness Company

From costly manual processes to efficiency and savings with RFgen.

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  • Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
  • ERP: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Application: Inventory Control


  • Greater efficiency and accuracy in the supply chain.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.
  • More satisfied customers.


The Melaleuca Wellness Company was using manual barcoding processes that were slow, inefficient, and riddled with errors. The issues with their current processes were significant as were the inefficiencies. With thousands of orders shipped each day, the manual processes resulted in large variances between inventory reflected in their JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne ERP system versus physical inventory in the warehouse. As Melaleuca grew and customer orders for their natural wellness products soared, it was difficult to accurately forecast and keep a viable production schedule to meet the demand. Management was convinced they had to automate. Now their questions became: How? Which solutions?


With the help of RFgen, The Melaleuca Wellness Company deployed the RFgen Mobile Foundations for JD Edwards solution which integrated seamlessly with their JDE system. RFgen focused on a cost effective solution for Melaleuca that would meet every need the company had including optimal professional services support and a high capacity for flexibility. Their new solution was scalable, adaptable, and flexible — everything they were looking for.

Melaleuca and RFgen divided each major process into separate tasks. This allowed for a phased implementation methodology that applied critical learnings to each subsequent task. RFgen’s mobile solutions for Melaleuca included a host of commonly used transaction sets specifically created to integrate with JDE EnterpriseOne. RFgen tested the pre-written scripts against the installation, the server configuration, and the installed RFgen software. This provided an opportunity to validate all of the “out of the box” components worked before starting any custom application development.


RFgen’s unique approach substantially minimized programming, customization efforts, and support costs. Most importantly, Melaleuca enjoyed the benefits of:

  • Greater efficiency and accuracy in their supply chain operations.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Increased efficient inventory control.
  • Decreased error rates.
  • More modern and accurate production forecasting.
  • Increased satisfaction and positive feedback from their customers.

Exceeded expectations and quick adaptation

Melaleuca chose RFgen because of the straightforward and simple architecture of its integrated mobile solutions . The short learning curve from planning to launch, ease of use, and the power of the RFgen Mobile Development Studio combined to enable smooth application development. RFgen’s development tool allowed Melaleuca’s management and key team members to adapt quickly to changes in their original implementation plan.

Many companies have enjoyed the efficiencies delivered by barcoding technology for years while others have stayed with ‘comfortable’ manual processes and are just beginning to understand how barcoding can bolster efficiency and profits. This was the case with Melaleuca.  The Wellness Company, who stayed with manual practices that were slow, inefficient, and invited errors – systems that ultimately eroded both customer confidence and the bottom line.