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Achieve Complete Product Traceability and DSCSA Compliance
with RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the fight to eliminate the multi-billion dollar counterfeit drug problem, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) will require pharmaceutical manufacturers to serialize their products by November 2017. Repackagers must serialize products by November 2018. In order to comply with the DSCSA, pharmaceutical manufacturers, repackagers, and wholesale distributors will need to be able to:

  • Properly label prescription drug product packages and cases,
  • Trace prescription drugs through the supply chain,
  • Aggregate product transaction data and store it for 6 years, and
  • Respond quickly to product verification requests and recalls.

To maximize profitability, you need to fight drug counterfeiting and improve operational efficiency by capturing serialized data in real-time. By providing your team with the tools to capture traceability and aggregated data, you can optimize many areas of your business—from production to the warehouse, and beyond. RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry help capture and track information that ensures DSCSA compliance and delivers additional value in optimized operations:

  • Create and scan 2D barcodes, so you can serialize your products with proper labeling and gain efficiency using mobile barcode scanning devices.
  • Capture aggregate data and store it easily in your ERP system of record. Quickly scan barcodes to capture full traceability, chain of custody, and transaction information about your products.
  • Respond easily to verification requests in hours within the 24-hour time limit imposed by the DSCSA, because all serialization data and transaction history is centralized in your ERP.
  • Utilize validated connectivity to most ERP systems, including: SAP, Oracle’s JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business Suite and other back-office enterprise systems.
  • Mobilize your operations for gains in speed and accuracy, delivering value to your organization beyond DSCSA compliance.

Comply Quickly with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

Eliminate manual paper records to reduce errors, increase inventory accuracy and automate traceability. RFgen works with barcoding, RFID and voice picking to track and trace serialized prescription drug products throughout the supply chain. Bi-directional exchange of real-time data with your ERP ensures you store chain of custody information as required by the DSCSA. And RFgen deploys in just weeks, so you can enjoy rapid DSCSA compliance with a lower total cost of ownership.


Improve Operational Efficiency with Mobile Barcode Scanning

From the receiving dock to the production floor and the warehouse, RFgen Mobile Solutions power more efficient workflows. Speed up your operations and help employees work more efficiently when you adopt mobile barcode scanning throughout your organization. RFgen Warehouse Director can automate your warehouse operations with advanced picking methodologies and optimized pick paths. 


Trace Products and Intelligently Aggregate Product Data with License Plating

The RFgen License Plating Solution enables you to group and manage inventory for improved warehouse efficiency and streamlined transfer of inventory to your supply chain partners and customers. License plates (pallet labels) store information needed to produce an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) including: part number, quantity, inventory status, location, lot number, creation date, expiration date, and more. Deliver full product traceability information that customers can receive with a swipe of a barcode reader. 


Generate Your Own DSCSA-Compliant Labels or Use Pre-Printed Labels

RFgen features built-in integration capabilities to major enterprise barcode label solutions. Use RFgen to populate custom barcode labels and RFID tags with your ERP data. If you prefer to use pre-printed labels, simply scan them with your mobile device and use RFgen to attach product information. RFgen can generate: standard barcode labels, 2D barcode labels, data matrix labels, full-page bill of lading labels and shipping documents, RFID tags and labels, and more. 


Integrate Data Collection with Manufacturing Solutions

RFgen can adjust to changes in your workflow and will dynamically adhere with the logic and rules that exist in your ERP. RFgen supports automated data collection throughout your manufacturing processes, including integration with shop floor machinery.



RFgen’s expertise in supply chain mobility and warehouse automation is complemented by a deep understanding of the continuing issues and concerns facing supply chain and IT professionals today. Below are resources to help you in your search for a mobile data collection solution.


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Serialization in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Are you ready to comply with DSCSA requirements for labeling products, aggregating data, and responding to verification requests? Learn how automated data collection solutions can help pharmaceutical companies comply with the DSCSA rapidly and effectively.

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Serialization in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

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