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Adopting Enterprise Mobility in the Supply Chain
How to Go from Paper to Barcode Scanner to Tablet with Mobile Apps

Learn how by using handheld computers such as barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets, mobile workers can access critical information and update enterprise systems in the warehouse and in the field.

With new enterprise mobility solutions now available, companies can extend the reach of enterprise systems into the field. Using handheld computers such as barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets, remote employees can access critical information and update enterprise systems as they work Adopting Enterprise Mobility White Paper Coverfor greater visibility into operations across the organization.

If you're exploring how your company might benefit from enterprise mobility within the four walls of the warehouse or outside, read this guide to find out:

  • The key benefits of mobile enterprise data collection with tablets or scanners.
  • What is a MEAP and how can you tell if you need one.
  • How tablets and scanners may improve your internal operations.
  • What can mobility help you achieve outside the four walls.
  • Five important considerations about a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.
  • How can you evaluate MEAPs to ensure you get the right fit for your organization?

How can you go from paper to barcode scanners to tablets?

Download the white paper to find out.

Download the White Paper

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Antea Group product image

“After implementing RFgen on tablets, our client called asking if a high priority water system had been sampled. I was able to tell them it was sampled two days before. Having the ability to provide that information instantaneously was impressive. It kind of shocked them. It definitely shocked me, because before it would have taken two weeks to get that data.”

Patrick Marty
Project Manager | Antea Group

Chateau Ste. Michelle product image

"The RFgen data collection software solution gives us a lot of quality information wherever we need it, like a real-time inventory count or product location. The huge benefit RFgen has given us is the ability to increase production with the same amount of resources without having to hire more people. That’s the real payoff."

Michael Dever
Applications Manager | Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery