Jianxin He

Sr. RFgen Consultant

Jianxin He

Jianxin He

Sr. RFgen Consultant

Jianxin is a senior SAP consultant with nearly ten years’ experience working in the High Technology and Business Services industries supporting various forms of SAP consultancy. His experience spans troubleshooting, to coding, to interfacing SAP with third-party systems. Concurrent to his SAP related projects, he has worked with IT teams internationally to implement the most effective workflows for the organizations. He is adept at analyzing user requirements, writing technical specifications and training end-users.

As RFgen’s senior SAP consultant, Jianxin He works with customers to deliver industry-best workflows built specifically for the SAP environment. His extensive SAP knowledge, combined with intimate coding and supply chain understanding, makes him an invaluable member of RFgen’s SAP consulting team.

Jianxin recently offered to share his unique insights about working at RFgen and why he thinks the RFgen technology is so transformative for SAP supply chain customers.

How did you start in your core ERP specialty?

I started my career at Infosys Shanghai as an SAP ABAP Developer in 2008 right after graduating from university. The company offered training courses for new employees in HTML, CSS, database design and others followed by exams. Since I was one of the top performers, I was offered a position in the ERP department, which is how I was first introduced to SAP. I provided support or coded enhancements for our customers with SAP during the two years.

How long have you been with RFgen and what does a typical day look like for you?

I’ve worked at RFgen for just over one year. As a lead developer, I spend about five hours coding each day. The rest of my day is spent reviewing apps finished by other developers, answering questions from customers about RFgen apps and the SAP system, and reporting project statuses to the PM (project manager).

What do you think makes you effective as an SAP consultant?

Overall, my skillsets of software development and knowledge of SAP business processes. My university training was really well-rounded. I learned in-depth knowledge of languages like HTML and database design—I think this makes my code more complex and more organized. That way, if another consultant or client works on my code, it is easy to understand the logic and work with it. My previous experience with SAP and deep understanding of SAP processes also help me understand our customers’ needs better.

Have you encountered any customer challenges? If so, how do you overcome them?

I think becoming familiar with my clients’ business processes is the first and most critical step to overcoming customer challenges.

For example, I recently worked as a lead developer for a customer with complex business processes. We had to look at RFgen and their needs to come up with a new design for them. This required open and direct communication with the customer to really understand what they needed. It also required applying my SAP background knowledge and doing additional research, and the end result was successful.

What do you love teaching your SAP customers about using RFgen?

I’ve worked with other mobile systems and RFgen is much easier to use and extend. If you work within SAP directly, for example, you have to hire a team of specialized SAP developers. But RFgen already has so many out-of-the-box SAP apps our customers can use. Then, they can modify it with our Mobile Development Studio, if needed. This is much more time-efficient.

Our product is also much easier and faster to deploy.

Why do you like working at RFgen?

This position perfectly matches my background. I can apply software development skills and ERP knowledge to provide qualified services to our clients. Meanwhile, I also continuously gain new knowledge during work. 

Who are you outside of your workday?

A road tripper. I have driven to many national parks including Glacier, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Badlands, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Zion and more.

About Jianxin
Jianxin has significant experience in computer science, coding and SAP. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Linyi University in China in 2008 and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Iowa in 2017. He also holds the SAP Certified Development Professional, ABAP, and SAP Certified Application Associate, Order Fulfillment.