RFgen Warehouse Director

Gain advanced, WMS-directed movement at a fraction of the cost of best-of-breed.

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Mobile Warehousing

Introducing advanced warehousing capabilities into your operation shouldn’t be a long-term headache that requires significant investments in time and expense. RFgen Warehouse Director is a WMS alternative that provides intelligent, directed-movement functionality for a fraction of the cost of a heavyweight WMS or specialized ERP module.

Mobile Warehousing Benefits


Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology.

Accelerates transactions

Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets.


Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work.


Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms.


Enhance Agility with Directed Movement


Drive powerful gains in warehouse efficiency, productivity, speed and inbound-to-outbound processes with advanced warehouse automation functionality.

  • Gain next-level warehouse automation without the headaches of a heavyweight WMS.
  • Automatically direct movement of employees, materials, vehicles and robots along intelligently-optimized routes.
  • Reduce collisions, traffic jams and productivity-draining tasks like backtracking and commuting.
  • Guide inbound-to-outbound workflows with directed put away, picking and replenishment.
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Empower Your Teams

Equip managers, employees and IT personnel with dynamic automation tools that help them achieve new levels of efficiency and performance.

  • Drive higher employee productivity and throughput without adding headcount.
  • Enhance ability to proactively anticipate, plan, monitor and make critical real-time decisions.
  • Monitor inventory flows, stock levels, productivity and warehouse KPIs.
  • Easy to learn, use and maintain remotely.
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Lightweight, Flexible & Cost Effective

Uncover hidden inefficiencies in the warehouse while also driving down the costs of human error, manual inventory transactions and technology management.

  • Run a leaner warehouse, increase throughput and cut operating costs.
  • Rapid deployment future-readies your warehouse in weeks—not months.
  • Easy to maintain, modify and support in-house, saving time and money.
  • Non-invasive platform leaves zero footprint on existing software ecosystem.
  • Cost-to-gain outcome ideal for achieving short ROI and accelerated growth.
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Gain Directed Movement WMS

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Gain the Power of WMS-lite Advanced Warehousing

RFgen Warehouse Director installs on top of your existing RFgen ecosystem to expand functionality and further streamline core warehouse processes with additional transactions and directed movement. By targeting processes with the highest potential for cost savings, RFgen Warehouse Director maximizes gains in efficiency and performance without the headaches associated with heavyweight WMS implementations.

Expand Your Warehouse Management Stack:

License Plating

Simplifies managing bulk or sets of items packed together by tracking the group or pallet with its own barcode. You decide what constitutes a License Plate.

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Off-Network Functionality

Enables 24/7 data collection during ERP or WAN outages with failover and load balancing in areas with limited connectivity.

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Voice Picking

Drive advanced efficiency and accuracy gains by introducing hands-free voice technology into your warehouse with the RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solution.

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Fixed Asset Management

MEAM (Maintenance and Enterprise Asset Management) software tracks tools and equipment using barcodes to maximize uptime, utilization and ensure future availability.

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Validated ERP Integration

Seamless, validated integration with your ERP system with zero impact to your software environment, including Oracle CloudEBSJD EdwardsSAPCostpoint, Microsoft Dynamics, or other connectivity.

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Easy to Customize

Open source code enables you to customize or create new mobile supply chain apps in-house, saving you time and money.

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