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End-to-end traceability mobile solutions for the feed, food and beverage industries.

Track and Trace Food Products and Ingredients with RFgen Mobile Solutions

Nearly half of food and beverage companies aren’t fully compliant with the food traceability regulations outlined in the 2001 Bioterrorism Act and the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act. Paper-based tracking processes are too slow and error-prone to respond effectively to audits or recalls in a just-in-time supply chain. Noncompliance can result in government actions ranging from fines to forced shutdowns, criminal prosecution and imprisonment. Poorly-handled recalls can expose a company to civil litigation, damaged reputation and even bankruptcy.

Feed, food and beverage manufacturers and distributors must be able to trace products through the supply chain, comply with government regulations, and respond quickly to audits or recalls. To maximize profitability, feed, food and beverage businesses also need to contain costs and improve operational efficiency. Visibility into accurate, real-time operational data and traceability information is essential.

RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Feed, Food and Beverage Industry helps capture and track information that ensures compliance and can optimize operations.

  • Trace food from the field to the fork, including every movement of ingredients or products from your suppliers to your customers.
  • Achieve full compliance with current regulations governing recalls and prepare to meet upcoming food labeling requirements.
  • Optimize the warehouse to reduce pick/pack/ship time by employing voice picking, license plating and warehouse management.
  • Respond to food traceability audits in hours rather than days or weeks.
  • Contain the cost and damage of a recall by being able to accurately trace feed, food and beverages throughout the supply chain quickly and pull (or withdraw) only affected products.

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Protecting Your Brand—The Food Traceability Survival Guide

Non-compliance to food safety regulations can result in severe penalties. This guide gives you practical food traceability survival tips from the trenches that can help you protect your brand and bottom-line.


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