Total Inventory Management for Food and Beverage

Learn how mobile barcoding creates end-to-end visibility, food traceability, and efficiency in the supply chain.

Rising food prices. Increased public concern over food safety. Supply chain disruptions. Strict government regulations. These industry-wide challenges make it difficult to simply stay on top of day-to-day inventory needs. But ignoring them can lead to devastating consequences.

Extending your ERP inventory capabilities to point-of-work using enterprise mobile apps and devices built on barcoding and data collection best practices helps you gain regulatory compliance and increased productivity, efficiency, and visibility.

A surprising number of companies in the food and beverage industry still rely on outdated manual data collection methods, leading to misinformation, lost inventory, and manual recounts. Inevitable human error and a lack of timely data frustrates team members and reduces inventory visibility, which can be catastrophic in the event of a food or ingredient recall.

Supply chain automation technologies like enterprise mobility and mobile barcoding can help you take back control when and where you need it most.

Download this helpful guide to learn how to gain real-time visibility and control throughout product lifecycles for manufacturers and distributors in the food and beverage industry.

This eBook’s key points include:

  • Meeting food traceability standards with track-and-trace software.
  • Gaining key compliance to federal regulations and food safety standards, such as FSMA, GS1, GTIN, and new FDA regulations, like FSMA Rule 204.
  • Extending ERP visibility even in areas that are remote, off-network, or have limited network connectivity, like a walk-in freezer or field services.
  • How to increase productivity without increasing headcounts.
  • Mobility benefits: 99.9%+ inventory accuracy, +30% efficiency, +30% productivity, +80% faster training, and more.
  • Real-world food and beverage case studies illustrating proof of effectiveness.

In today’s unpredictable global climate, companies in the food and beverage industry need to take strategic steps to augment their workforce and safeguard production now.

Download the eBook right now to learn how RFgen supply chain mobility solutions can simplify, automate and mobilize inventory processes for food and beverage companies. Pre-built, pre-tested mobile app suites for common ERP transactions could be the key to your digital supply chain transformation and gaining predictability in an era of uncertainty.