Smart Manufacturing Vital to the Food Industry – Food Logistics, September 2021

El Dorado Hills, CA — September 15, 2021

RFgen President and CTO, Robert Brice provides key insights about the importance of barcodes in smart manufacturing in the food industry. With a focus on traceability, visibility, and analytics, food manufacturers are now embracing smart devices that connect through IoT capabilities to help monitor and manage material handling equipment more effectively and efficiently. A trend that is turning traditional manufacturing into smart manufacturing.

The linked article by Food Logistics explores the topic with several key thought leaders, including Mr. Brice, and gets his take on how barcode technology and IoT are essential to reliable product traceability from raw materials to ingredients and even finished products.

“This type of advanced automation creates a reliable product traceability system to track raw materials and ingredients and finished products as they flow through the warehouse or factory. Since locations of all inventory are also recorded, locating potentially contaminated inventory in the event of a recall is fast and accurate, minimizing the scope of the recall to only contaminated products. Using barcoding software enables food companies to meet labeling and packaging requirements with ease.” – Robert Brice President/ CTO, RFGen

Read the entire Food Logistics article to hear his thoughts on how barcodes are central to interfacing with the growing use of connected devices and reducing inefficiencies.

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