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  • Aerospace and Defense Mobile Solutions

    Aerospace and Defense Mobile Solutions

Gain Agile Inventory Control and Minimize Risk
with RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Whether your company creates items for defense projects or the aviation industry, the responsibility for quality in your supply chain has serious, potentially life-threatening implications. Increasingly, counterfeit parts have made their way into the aerospace and defense supply chain, and these parts can lack the integrity, safety and security of known components.

Aerospace and defense companies have to adopt practices that automate manufacturing, warehouse and distribution operations in order to mitigate risk and assure the quality and safety of their products. RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Aerospace and Defense Industry provides real-time, accurate visibility to your inventory of materials and assets and enhances operational efficiency in the warehouse and on the manufacturing floor.

Flexible RFgen mobile applications are developed and supported by a team of supply chain experts experienced in implementing mobile solutions for major aerospace and defense companies. With RFgen, you can:

  • Track and trace materials, parts and products through the supply chain, in compliance with DFARS, FAA FAR and other U.S. government requirements.
  • Achieve end-to-end supply chain management with real-time integration to SAP, Oracle, Deltek, and other back-end enterprise systems.
  • Respond quickly when programs get stepped up or placed on hold with agile inventory management.
  • Increase data accuracy throughout the manufacturing process by eliminating manual processes in favor of barcodes, RFID, and mobile data collection.
  • Enhance the velocity of kitting, by improving warehouse and picking efficiency.
  • Keep track of fixed assets and know the availability and location of tools and equipment.
  • Improve employee productivity inside the warehouse, using wireless devices to speed up receiving, putaway, picking, and shipping.

Gain Agile Inventory Control to Rapidly Respond to Shifting Demand

RFgen Inventory Management software mitigates supply chain risk and enables aerospace and defense contractors to respond quickly to fluctuating project needs and budget availability. Maintain an agile supply chain with real-time, accurate visibility into your inventory. Streamline production processes by tracking materials consumption to stay ahead of manufacturing needs and prevent any project delays.

Minimize Risk and Cost of Compliance with DFARS and FAA FAR

Eliminating manual, paper-based inventory processes will reduce errors, increase inventory accuracy, and provide a clean trail of traceability. RFgen supports barcoding and RFID so you can carefully track even the smallest components by lot numbers and serial numbers as they move through the supply chain.

RFgen empowers aerospace and defense contractors to automate real-time traceability of materials, parts and products from inception to delivery. Companies can easily verify the origin of components and parts in order to avoid potential counterfeits and respond efficiently to government audits. And should the need arise to remove defective inventory from the supply chain, RFgen also facilitates smooth and rapid product recalls.

Gain Productivity in the Warehouse Without Increasing Headcount

Optimize your warehouse with RFgen Warehouse Director, a WMS-lite solution that enables you to control costs, reduce lead times, and maximize employee utilization. RFgen can improve warehouse operations with advanced picking methodologies and faster paths through the warehouse. The automation achieved by using the RFgen Warehouse Director in combination with mobile devices and barcoding or RFID significantly speeds receiving, putaway, picking, and shipping processes.

Aerospace and defense companies using RFgen mobile solutions have increased the velocity of kitting by streamlining the processes involved in picking, issuing unplanned goods and transferring components between bins. One customer quickly worked through a backlog of over 2,500 kits needed for production while eliminating overtime expenses in the warehouse. Another saved more than an hour for every shipment by streamlining the process for quality assurance.

Improve the Utilization of Tools and Equipment

RFgen Asset Management software helps aerospace and defense companies maximize the productivity of tools and equipment, increase the life of fixed assets and minimize downtime. Gain enterprise-wide visibility into all of your equipment details to track their performance and location at all times.


RFgen’s expertise in supply chain mobility and warehouse automation is complemented by a deep understanding of the continuing issues and concerns facing supply chain and IT professionals today. Below are resources to help you in your search for a mobile data collection solution.

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How to Become DFARS Compliant and Avoid Counterfeit Parts in the Defense and Aerospace Supply Chain

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How to Become DFARS Compliant and Avoid Counterfeit Parts in the Defense and Aerospace Supply Chain White Paper

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We had projected to hit ROI in eight months, and we did it in six months. That’s how efficient we became using RFgen. I'm a big advocate of RFgen.”

Tony Navarro
Shipping/Receiving Supervisor | Cobham Defense Electronics

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