How to Achieve End-to-End Traceability in Aerospace & Defense

A 10-minute guide to getting started with 100% paperless inventory and mobile barcoding solutions.

Watch this brief video about mobile data collection for aerospace & defense:


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When lives are at stake and national security may depend upon the quality of a work product, there’s no place for substandard parts in the aerospace and defense supply chain. Being able to fully trace parts and components, including serialized and lot-controlled items, through the supply chain and into mission-critical military assets is vital for security, compliance, and human safety.

Gaining accurate information is a major hurdle when using manual or outdated tracking methods. Mobile barcoding software can help aerospace and defense companies achieve real-time digital connectivity with your ERP from mobile devices.

Download this guide to learn the following in 10 minutes or less:

  • How to overcome common inventory tracking challenges faced by DoD contractors with paperless processes.
  • Ways to validate genuine parts and track materials to simplify compliance with government contracts.
  • How mobile data collection and barcoding creates forward-to-backward inventory, component, and part traceability.
  • The benefits of automating traceability, such as 100% billing accuracy and effective tracking of government-owned parts.
  • Drive end-to-end traceability and quality control processes to simplify compliance for DFARS, NDAA, and other regulations.
  • Gain granular inventory management for remote or offline sites, asset tracking, MRO, mobile inspections, and proof of delivery with signature confirmation.
  • And more!

Download the guide now and start your mobile barcoding journey today.