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Tim’s Hardware Review: Zebra’s TC72 and TC52 Touch Computers for Enterprises

Written by Tim Ingles
April 7, 2021


  • Zebra’s TC72 and TC52 are two great enterprise touch computers to consider for your organization.
  • TC72 Main Features: Ultra-rugged, Android OS, and powerful controls.
  • TC52 Main Features: Rugged, Android OS, and easy to sanitize.


Zebra touch screen enterprise devices offer the best of both worlds: a consumer device feel with ruggedized warehouse durability.
Zebra touch screen enterprise devices offer the best of both worlds: a consumer device feel with ruggedized warehouse durability.

When it comes to choosing the best enterprise devices for your organization, Zebra Technologies should be top of the list. But which device is your best fit?

Today, we’ll look at two of my favorite Zebra touch computers: the TC72 and TC52. Both enterprise hardware devices combine the familiarity of Android personal devices with ruggedized features built for the warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Here, I’ll explain why I love talking about these two devices so much and look at some of the similarities and differences between the two models.

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TC72: Ultra-rugged for Every Enterprise Use

Zebra TC72

The TC72 is part of Zebra’s popular TC70/TC75 series. Basically, you’ll get that smartphone experience you love paired with rugged features built for hard use environments. Also included: superior barcode capture, fast Wi-Fi connections, Gorilla Glass touch panels, and four new Mobility DNA apps.


Form Factor: Ultra-rugged

OS: Android 10+

Features: High-quality voice, 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera, water- and tumble-proof, restricted mode

Industry Use: Retail, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management

Why I Love the TC72

  • It supports an extended Wi-Fi range with cell network flexibility.
  • State-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.0 and location support with long battery life.
  • Glare-resistant screen is best of class for outdoor use.
  • It’s virtually drop, water, and dustproof.

TC52: Advanced Computing for Inside the Four Walls

Zebra TC52

My customers love Zebra’s TC52 overall user experience—from the large screen to the familiar controls to the high-quality video. The TC52-HC model is purpose-built for the healthcare setting, with an easy-to-sanitize surface, secure text messaging, and mobile alarms.


Form Factor: Rugged

OS: Android 10+

Features: 5-inch HD display, Active Edge™ Touch Zone, 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera, ready-to-use voice solution

Industry Use: Retail, Warehouse Management, Healthcare

Why I Love the TC52

  • It’s the easiest to sanitize handheld on the market.
  • Large, responsive touchscreen.
  • Supports high-quality voice calls with three microphones, high-volume speakers, and noise cancellation.
  • Enhanced security measures.

The Best Enterprise Device for Your Operation

Choosing the best mobile barcoding device for your operation really depends on daily use. But if you’re looking for a consumer feel device with enterprise power and durability, both the TC72 and TC52 from Zebra are great options.

If you’re looking for handheld mobile computers and tablets instead, check out my review of Zebra’s MC9300 Mobile Scanner and L10 Tablets here.

And feel free to reach out to me at any time if you’d like to chat about the TC72, TC52, or other devices.