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Tim’s Hardware Review: Zebra’s MC9300 Mobile Scanner and L10 Tablets

Written by Tim Ingles
August 1, 2019

Breaking Down the Best New Mobile Hardware for the Warehouse

Zebra's next gen hardware equips your team with fast, powerful long-range scanning and more.

Zebra’s next gen hardware equips your team with fast, powerful long-range scanning and more.

In this review, we will be exploring Zebra’s latest offering of modern mobile devices built to meet the unique needs of enterprise supply chain operations. I am going to break down Zebra’s MC9300 Mobile Computer and L10 Tablets, which come in three versions: XSlate, XPad, and XBook.

Both the MC9300 and L10 fit into warehouse workflows for receiving, put away, picking, cycle counting, and just about any traditional transaction inside the four walls you can think of.

Before we get into what makes these new mobile hardware devices so well-suited for warehouses in any industry, let’s talk about why you should consider upgrading your legacy hardware in the first place.

Windows End-of-Life: Time to Refresh Your Hardware

With legacy Windows mobile operating systems approaching end-of-life deadlines, the need to migrate to modern OS platforms is more critical than ever before.

Windows mobile OS versions such as Embedded CE 6.0 left extended support as of April 2018, while Embedded 8.1 Handheld is being phased out and Embedded Handheld 6.5 will close out support in January 2020 (only five months away). Other outdated Win Embedded versions will follow.

This also applies to an older version of Android OS that are falling out of use, such as Android versions 4-6.

If you are still using devices running these old Windows versions, security risks and maintenance costs will continue to rise until you migrate to newer Android or Win 10 OS versions still in support.

You can read more about what end-of-life means for your mobile systems here:

Don’t worry. Zebra’s newest hardware releases can help make your next refresh cycle much easier.

MC9300 Handheld Mobile Computer: The Ultimate Mobile Warehousing Device

Zebra's cutting-edge MC9300 mobile handheld computer running RFgen software.

The MC9300 is a powerhouse of handheld mobile technology suitable. Hitting the market as the latest and greatest mobile device from Zebra, this ultra-rugged mobile computer replaces the MC9200 and delivers double the battery life and much, much more. For regular or harsh warehouse conditions, this heavy industrial model has you covered.

Form Factor: Ultra-rugged
OS: Latest Android release*
Replaces: Zebra MC9200
Features: Long-range scanning, 8-foot drop to concrete, can be fully submerged in water
Variants: Cold storage and non-incendive models available

*Includes Zebra Mobility DNA and LifeGuard™

Why I Love the MC9300

  • Fast and flexible with large 4.3” touchscreen
  • Long-lasting durability and battery life, low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Virtually drop-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and tumble-proof, impact-resistant glass
  • Does it all: WiFi, Bluetooth, High-res photos, advanced industrial scanning, VoIP walkie-talkie functionality, and more
  • Future-proofs your Android OS for the next years, supporting you today and in the future

You can read the full spec sheet here »

L10 Tablet: Deploy This 2-in-1 Once, Use It Everywhere

Zebra's latest L10 rugged tablet series running RFgen software.

The L10 Rugged Tablet is a multi-functional mobile device that goes beyond “just a tablet.” A device like this can fit into any warehouse environment, regardless of vertical. You can mount the L10 on a forklift, and then take the tablet with you as you walk around to perform other transactions in the warehouse. You can take it into the field—even a remote location like an offsite oilrig.

Normally, this means buying two or three separate devices to handle these three use cases. With the L10, you can use one device to do all three—saving you 50% or more on your hardware.

Zebra’s L10 comes in three flavors:

  1. XSLATE L10: Lightweight version for easy transport between office, vehicle and the field.
  2. XPAD L10: Built-in exterior hard handle and integrated barcode reader for data collection.
  3. XBOOK L10: 2-in-1 with keyboard, ideal for replacing laptops.
Form Factor: Rugged
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit*
Replaces: Zebra D10 Series
Features: Multi-use, 4-foot drop to concrete, accessories, upgradable hardware for processor, memory, storage, display size and more

*Android version coming soon

Why I Love the L10 Tablet Series

  • Have I mentioned the L10’s flexibility? I’ll say it again. This dual-purpose device really delivers, replace both a handheld and a laptop.
  • It’s easy to use: a big 10.1” screen combined with the widespread user familiarity of Windows 10 on desktop and laptop computers
  • Options everywhere: Hardware upgrades, long-range barcode scanner, hard handle, keyboard, kickstand or strap, docks for industrial, vehicle and office use, carrying case, shoulder strap, and more.
  • It mounts on vehicles, carts, workstations and works as a carried handheld. Want to mount it on a forklift and then connect a secondary scanner via hardwire or Bluetooth? Add a keyboard to use it for email? The L10 does it.

Read the full spec sheets the XLSATE and XPAD »

Zebra’s New Tech: A Lot to Love

After reading this, you can understand why the MC9300 Handheld Mobile Computer and the Zebra L10 Series Rugged Tablets from Zebra are worth all the excitement. Not only do these mobile devices offer new levels of speed and flexibility with a low total cost of ownership, they also deliver a future-proofing solution to the end of Windows Mobile support.

Want to learn more about what Zebra hardware can do for you? Let’s chat.