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Success Stories in Action: Mobile Barcode Software Use Cases for Deltek Costpoint

Written by Elias Schoelmann
September 2, 2020


  • Government contractors are facing uncertainty about future spending and economic climate.
  • Mobile barcode software can help contractors safeguard operations and continue winning bigger contracts amid uncertainty.
  • This article will explore three use cases where mobile barcoding for Deltek Costpoint helped modernize and optimize operations.

Modernizing data collection with mobile barcoding technology positions contractors to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Modernizing data collection with mobile barcoding technology positions contractors to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

While defense contract spending surged to all-time high 2020, the future is likely to contract going forward. Reduced government spending and economic uncertainty may lead to fewer opportunities and heightened competition for each. Exacting compliance requirements for part traceability and skilled labor shortages remain persistent issues, made worse by the pandemic.

To survive in a period of unpredictability, government contractors who prioritize mobile barcode automation are more equipped to ensure profitability. Mobile barcode software for Deltek Costpoint is a proven means to enhance operational competitiveness and continue winning contracts.

With the arrival of Costpoint 8, higher inventory visibility, accuracy, traceability and efficiency is more achievable than ever. Mobile data collection solutions can help Costpoint users realize those gains.

To illustrate the effectiveness of modern data collection solutions for Costpoint, let’s explore three use cases from RFgen Software that produced stellar results:

Insitu Mobilizes Inventory, Saves Labor Costs

Insitu manufactures unmanned aircraft systems for defense, civil and commercial applications. Its use of manual data collection hindered growth. As it opened facilities in the United Kingdom, Australia and across the United States, the company’s use of manual processes was no longer feasible to remain contractually compliant.

Insitu modernized their inventory control with RFgen Mobile Foundations for Deltek Costpoint. RFgen enabled Insitu to mobilize Costpoint inventory management with barcoding and mobile inventory apps.

Insitu’s Results

By extending Costpoint inventory control with RFgen, Insitu achieved:

  • Quick, simple inventory transfers and bin swaps
  • Simultaneous picking of multiple orders
  • Faster issue-to-sales order processes
  • Labor cost reductions
  • Easier, faster workflows for boosted employee retention

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CyberCore Increases Accuracy to 99.999%

IT managed services company, CyberCore, receives and ships hundreds to thousands of items daily. Its customers purchase IT hardware for shipment to its facility for value-added or integration work. Immediate, accurate data collection for inventory is a necessity.

However, the receiving team’s current method of receiving inventory was time-consuming and inefficient. Two workers would have to receive each item. One would have to hold the barcode scanner that was connected by USB cable to the computer running Deltek Costpoint and scan each box. The other would sit at the computer and hit tab after each scan in order to go to the next field in Costpoint.

CyberCore modernized this inefficient system with RFgen Mobile Foundations for Deltek Costpoint. RFgen mobile barcoding technology extends data collection to wherever workers collect data using mobile devices and software. As workers scan barcode labels, material data is transacted against Costpoint, accurately and in real time.

CyberCore’s Results

CyberCore gained extensively from mobilizing data collection for Costpoint:

  • Increased its data accuracy to 99.999%
  • 450% increase to productivity and efficiency in shipping/receiving
  • Eliminated bottlenecks in its materials management processes
  • Generated downstream benefits in enterprise

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VSE Realizes 100% Billing Accuracy and Lot-level Traceability

VSE achieved end-to-end traceability and contractual compliancy using RFgen’s mobile barcoding solutions.

VSE achieved end-to-end traceability and contractual compliancy using RFgen’s mobile barcoding solutions.

VSE Corporation provides supply chain management (SCM) and MRO services to the U.S. Department of Defense. It was using manual processes to document its vehicle overhauls. This included recording inventory data on paper spreadsheets and manually re-keying the data into Costpoint via shared workstations. This process was slow and error prone.  Moreover, it failed to meet the exacting traceability and accuracy needed to scale operations and win larger contracts.

To overcome these inefficiencies, VSE overhauled its inventory processes with RFgen’s mobile barcoding technology.

VSE’s Results

With RFgen mobile barcoding, VSE:

  • Achieved lot-level traceability for contractual compliance
  • Gained 100% billing accuracy
  • Positioned itself as a strong competitor for more, and bigger, contracts in the future
  • Realized faster inventory moves, including transfers between locations, sections, racks and bins

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The future of your profitability does not have to be uncertain. The three case studies mentioned above illustrate how RFgen mobile supply chain solutions can fortify your business to mitigate future unpredictability.

Government and defense contractors who extend Costpoint inventory management with mobile barcoding technology can achieve similar results and safeguard operations. Costpoint 8’s arrival to the landscape signals a resurging need to modernize manual workflows—before it’s too late.