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Mobile Inventory Management Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Written by Mike Davis
March 3, 2021
Mobile Inventory Management Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365


  • Next-gen ERPs, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (D365), need high-quality data collection to function optimally.
  • Mobile inventory solutions for D365 boost data accuracy, increase workflow efficiency and support digital transformation with barcode software.
  • RFgen’s D365 offering includes open source app suites across purchasing and receiving, sales and shipping, inventory management, and inquiry and reports.

Mobile inventory solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 help you get the most out of your ERP.
Mobile inventory solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 help you get the most out of your ERP.

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP user, you already know the importance of unified data, connected business systems and powerful AI.

But too many companies with next-gen ERPs still use manual processes at the line-level. Unfortunately, this invites low-quality, error-prone data into your ERP. Even the best AI can’t generate useful predictions with inaccurate data.

Many D365 users have overcome this challenge by implementing cost-effective mobile inventory management solutions that incorporate barcode scanning.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Why Mobilize Your Microsoft Inventory Management?

Built specifically for modern D365 Supply Chain Management users, the right mobile barcode solution supports accurate data collection, efficient workflows and increases visibility.

Solutions like RFgen’s Mobile Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 extend inventory transactions to the point-of-work with mobile barcoding technology and wireless hardware. By removing paper and manual data entry from your workflows, your workers can quickly collect perfect data by scanning a barcode.

Scanned information transacts instantly with your D365 ERP in real time. This puts crucial data into the hands of your workers when and where they need it. No second guessing or recounts.

And with high-quality data, you can be confident in the accuracy of your D356 system.

Microsoft Mobile Inventory Case Study

Brabant Alucast, an automotive parts supplier, upgraded its legacy ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics AX. They also integrated a Microsoft-approved mobile inventory solution with barcode scanning at the same time. With a primary focus on shop floor automation, the company saw its stock reliability increase from 70% to 96% in just six months. The more efficient workflows also allowed Brabant to reallocate two full-time positions.

Users running the latest D365 Supply Chain Management version may see even greater upticks.

Adding Mobility to Microsoft D365 SCM with RFgen

RFgen’s app suites for D365 allow for faster implementation and quicker ROI.
RFgen’s app suites for D365 allow for faster implementation and quicker ROI.

RFgen Mobile Foundations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobilizes your Supply Chain Management, Dynamics Axapta or Dynamics AX ERP platform, and other ERPs. Its flexible, lightly coupled architecture operates independent of your ERP version, allowing for easy upgrades and migration.

RFgen extends D356 to end-users using handheld devices like barcode scanners and tablets through the power of mobile apps.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM Mobile App Suites

RFgen’s D365 mobile apps for Supply Chain Management automate common inventory workflows. Each open source app can be easily and quickly tailored for company-and industry-specific needs. The first release of mobile apps include:

Purchasing and Receiving Suite

  • Purchase Order Receiving

Sales and Shipping Suite

  • Sales Order Pick
  • Sales Order Pack
  • Transfer Order Pick
  • Transfer Order Pack

Inventory Management Suite

  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Counting
  • Inventory Transfer

Inquiry and Reports Suite

  • On-hand List by Item
  • On-hand List by Location

With additional mobile apps to come each month. You can read the full list here.

How Does RFgen Integrated with MS D365 SCM?

RFgen integrates with D365 through web services and Microsoft’s Azure LCS. The solution also supports cross-platform compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile and barcode label printing.

Hosting is available on Azure, with cloud subscription or on-premise licensing. Managed hosting is also available.

Adding Flexibility with Low-code

RFgen’s solution offering includes a low-code Mobile Development Studio, designed to increase customer autonomy and reduce IT burden. Mobile Development Studio equips you with a development environment to develop your solution in-house. With the low-code environment, you can quickly create and edit mobile apps using drag-and-drop principles and pre-made logic. Bridge custom functionality gaps and gain self-sufficiency in the future for solution. Even junior programmers can easily design and build tailored supply chain workflows.

Mobilizing Your Dynamics Future

Digital transformation starts at the foundation—with accurate data collection. Even the most state-of-the-art ERPs can’t function optimally without accurate data.

Mobile inventory solutions simplify inventory handling by automating manual processes and eliminating transcription errors and tedious paperwork. With one barcode scan, your workers can capture flawless data that automatically transacts against your D365 ERP in real-time.

D365 users can get off the ground faster with RFgen mobile apps built specifically for the Microsoft ERP. With extensive prebuilt D365 app suites, you can simplify common tasks to achieve impressive results with quick ROI.

The big question remains: why not mobilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM today?