RFgen Mobile Development Studio

Easily develop mobile apps and workflows using low-code and visual drag-and-drop. RFgen’s built-in mobile development environment drastically simplifies and streamlines application lifecycles, enabling you to quickly modify, deploy, and manage your RFgen solution at minimal cost.

Your Apps. Your Way.

RFgen Mobile Development Studio puts you in the driver’s seat, empowering your technical staff with self-sufficiency and control to shape your mobile solution exactly the way you want. Leverage modern design concepts to create engaging user experiences with little to no code. Give your business a competitive edge with freedom and ownership over the future of your mobile solution.


RFgen Mobile Development Studio makes intuitive cross-platform mobile apps a reality, helping your organization unlock new levels of efficiency and agility. Effortlessly integrate intuitive mobile interactivity into your applications along with the latest in data collection best practices.

Reduce Costs

Augment your teams with up to 95% faster app development lifecycles.

100% Configurable

Low-code and visual drag-and-drop enable easy design of your applications.

Reduce IT Burden

Simplify maintenance for your technical team with greater agility and control.

Innovate Freely

Create custom workflows for unique processes and cloud-based ERP systems.

Mobile App Development Made Simple

RFgen Mobile Development Studio delivers unparalleled flexibility to your business—but it’s also easy to learn and use. Even technical users with limited experience or resources can quickly build a mobile app without specialized programming knowledge in a fraction of the time it would take to build from scratch.

With the flexibility and control we now have with RFgen’s Mobile Development Studio, we can quickly and efficiently create mobile apps in-house that are specifically tailored to our needs.

Dean Thomas IT Director, Phase Technology

Unlock the Power of the Mobile Unity Platform™

Features & Capabilities

Design Once, Deploy Everywhere

Create mobile apps once and quickly deploy across multiple operating systems, devices, and form factors.

Modern UI/UX

Design intuitive touch-friendly apps that fulfill the expectations of the modern mobile user, increasing productivity and user adoption.

Prebuilt Starting Points

Customize ERP-specific app templates and adapt them to your individual needs using configurable pre-made logic blocks.

Responsive Auto-Scaling

Quickly scale apps to different screen sizes with responsive design while preserving proportionality.

Visual Designer Tools

Utilize advanced themes, drag-and-drop elements, and reusable components to create compelling UI/UX.

True-to-Life Emulation

Live device emulator enables real-time visualization and testing of apps built to exact device specifications.


Translate apps into different languages with one click using embedded Google Translate.

Technology Integration

Enhance functionality with barcode scanning, photo imaging, GPS, Google Maps, IoT, and more.

Take Control of Your Digital Destiny Today

Don’t get locked in by your mobile software. Take full control over the future of your mobile solution or leverage our extensive expertise to help you fulfill your unique digital vision. Start your digital journey today.