RFgen Mobile Development Studio

The Premier Low Code Development Platform for Your Supply Chain.

Build mobile supply chain applications quickly and easily using visual and prebuilt functions that drastically simplify, streamline and shorten the development process.

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Your Apps. Your Way.

RFgen Mobile Development Studio is a powerful, flexible mobile app development platform that creates engaging user experiences through modern low-code design concepts. Update, modify, deploy, manage and remotely support mobile apps without interrupting your business processes.

Realize your unique digital supply chain vision.

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Purpose-Built App Development for the Supply Chain

RFgen Mobile Development Studio provides suites of pre-validated, pre-tested and ERP-validated mobile apps that fit most warehousing, distribution and manufacturing workflows. Quickly tailor out-of-the-box apps to bridge gaps in your organization’s unique operation.

Lower Development Costs

Augment your teams with 70% faster development times.


Gain Self-Sufficiency

Take control over your product with in-house developers to save money.

Reduce IT Burden

Equip IT with drastically shorter mobile app lifecycles.

Mobile App Development Made Simple

RFgen Mobile Development Studio makes improving, modifying and building new mobile apps fast and easy. Seamlessly connect and unify your mobile environment, ERP systems and individual workflows. Features and Advantages:

Simplified mobile app creation, modification and deployment

Accelerated speed, efficiency and productivity

Asset Management

Maximized Developer Productivity

Easy to learn, use and customize UX


Quick “drag-and-drop” mobile app functionality

Remote support, maintenance and version-independent updates

Built-in security and protection

Unified, device agnostic platform

Flexibility, scalability and stability of RFgen platform

Limitless innovation potential

Empower Your IT Teams

Empower developers to quickly create mobile apps for the supply chain via premade drag-and-drop components. Even small teams with limited experience and resources can quickly create and deploy mobile supply chain applications in a fraction of the time it would take to build from scratch

Leverage the Power of RFgen’s Mobile Unity Platform™: