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How Using License Plating and Pallet Labels Can Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Written by Mike Davis
August 7, 2013

Manufacturers can use license plating software to better monitor inventory movement

Monitoring and tracking warehouse and shipment activity is an essential component of running an efficient and profitable manufacturing enterprise. However, this is easier said than done, as managers must contend with an expansive and complex supply chain network. Barcode scanner software has been immeasurably helpful in providing manufacturers with the tools needed to keep tabs on inventory counts, shipments and other important aspects of the organization. One of the most advanced forms of barcode scanning technology in use today is RFgen’s license plating software.

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Within a manufacturing environment, the term license plate is used more broadly than simply describing a vehicle’s source of identification. A license plate can refer to any entity that can be identified with a unique serial number, including pallets, shipping containers or trucks. By attributing each one with a single dedicated barcode, manufacturing employees can quickly run a scan to see information regarding the unit’s location, quantity, inventory status, lot number and much more. Having a system and resources in place to access data whenever needed allows manufacturers to maintain a better level of oversight across the supply chain and ensure that the right products and materials are being delivered on time.

As manufacturing operations become more complex, the likelihood that pallets will be lost, mislabeled or sent to the wrong location substantially increases. A manual system of inventory management presents a number of challenges and can impede an organization’s ability to make timely and accurate deliveries. RFgen license plating software provides an efficient alternative to that antiquated operational method, allowing managers to better organize inventory shipments and storage processes.

Providing Up-to-date, Accurate Data

RFgen license plating solutions can improve operational efficiency and performance across the supply chain. Because all pertinent information regarding a cargo load is contained within a single barcode, fewer scans are needed as units are loaded and transferred from warehouse to client. Warehouse managers can even generate barcode labels for mixed pallets containing different materials or products. The software allows manufacturing personnel to keep accurate tabs on pallets and containers as they navigate their way through the supply chain, ensuring that the correct inventory is being sent to the right place with the agreed upon quantity. When shipments are delayed, manufacturers need to be able to inform clients where their products are and how long it will take to arrive at their destination. They can use this software to view inventory shipments with unparalleled accuracy, making sure that parcels were loaded onto the correct trailers and are on track for delivery.

RFgen’s license plating software also offers valid integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP systems. This way, manufacturers can integrate their legacy inventory, manufacturing and distribution modules with the advanced barcode data collection solutions.

“When the customer receives the pallet, all they have to do is scan the pallet label,” says Trident Seafoods business analyst Mike Wheeler. “They know all of the information about the items on it—right down to individual product lot numbers. This is a critical improvement for some of our larger customers.”