Everything You Need to Know About License Plating Solutions

Learn how to drive efficiency and traceability for inbound and outbound materials.

Cover image of RFgen insight brief: Everything You Need to Know About License Plating Solutions

Manufacturers have some of the most complex supply chain challenges of any industry.

You need to keep items flowing from the receiving dock to the warehouse and onto the shipping area. Beyond that, you must also have the ability to associate critical information with each lot of items and then trace each lot through the supply chain. In the event of a recall, you must identify which customers were shipped affected lots and get the word out within hours.

License plating, also known as pallet labeling, is a method of grouping inventory together in a common container for easier management. This insight brief will introduce basic license plate concepts and then dive deeper to explore:

  • How to use license plating in inbound, outbound, warehouse management, and on the shop floor.
  • License Plating’s potential for efficiency gains and rapid scalability.
  • Comparison of RFgen License Plating Solution to other LP solutions.
  • And more!

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