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Barcode Labeling Solutions

Produce barcode labels and RFID tags anywhere, anytime

RFgen's mobile data collection software has built-in integration capabilities to any of the major enterprise barcode label software solutions and is a certified reseller of Loftware enterprise labeling solutions. Integrating RFgen with your preferred barcode label software enables you to populate barcode labels or RFID tags with your ERP data for true end-to-end data accuracy. It also allows you to generate the desired design formats you need for various functions within your operations.

Utilize a specialized desktop or mobile printer to produce your own custom barcode labels and RFID tags and labels in the office, the warehouse, or on the receiving docks. Or simply scan pre-printed labels and attach product information to the unique numbers. Either way, RFgen makes label printing fast and easy.

RFgen can generate several kinds of labels, including:

  • Standard barcode labels
  • 2D barcode labels
  • 3D barcode labels
  • Data matrix labels
  • Full-page bill of lading labels and shipping documents
  • UCC standardized labels
  • SSCC compliance labels
  • RFID tags and labels
  • And more

Using RFgen and mobile scanners with your printed barcode labels and RFID tags can dramatically improve the efficiency of your warehouse and supply chain operations.

“With RFgen there has been incredible time savings. For the data manager who had been doing the data entry, it was all done. That just shaved off two weeks of that person’s time each month.”

Patrick Marty
Project Manager, Antea Group


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