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Supply chain accelerators for your biggest challenges


Manufacturers and distributors in virtually every industry use RFgen to barcode their inventory, collect data via practically any device, stay productive even when systems or people are offline, and streamline
processes throughout the supply chain.

License Plating

Improve traceability and accelerate distribution with license plating.

Warehouse Automation

Cut costs, improve throughput, increase accuracy—without more workers. More →

Inventory Management

Integrate ERP data with workflows; simplify tracking and tracing; and more. More →

Voice Picking

Accelerate and reduce errors with hands-free, eye-free voice picking. More →

Remote Management

Collect data and process jobs regardless of the connection state to your ERP. More →

Shop Floor Data Capture

Increase throughput and lower costs by knowing what’s happening on the shop floor in real-time. More →

DSD Proof of Delivery

Put ERP data in the hands of your mobile workforce with RFgen solutions. More →

Asset Management

Manage fixed assets more efficiently and lower costs with software from RFgen. More →

Barcode Labeling

Produce barcode labels and RFID tags wherever and whenever. More →

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