Mobile Barcoding for Mining & Metals

Automate your inventory management with mobile data collection and real-time ERP integration for inventory, assets, spare parts, and more.

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ERP Integrations


Simplify Asset Tracking with Mobile Barcoding

With so much equipment and material to manage, how can you track all of it? You don’t even know how much money or productivity is lost trying to find it. In this quick and easy guide from RFgen supply chain experts, learn how mobile barcoding can simplify asset tracking and materials management with instant and accurate updates to your ERP.

Read How to Achieve Fixed Asset Tracking with Mobile Barcoding and get started with your mobile barcoding digital automation journey today!

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Maximize accuracy, speed, and visibility


Accuracy – Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology


Efficiency – Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets


Productivity – Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work


Less Training – Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms


Unlock Full Material Visibility

With RFgen, you can see and control inventory movements directly from a mobile device for end-to-end inventory and material visibility. Automate mining and metals industry-specific workflows for greater control and efficiency.

Drive Down Plant Maintenance Costs

Gain real-time visibility into assets, equipment, and tools to optimize plant maintenance and MRO management, even at remote sites. Enhance asset utilization to permanently eliminate bloat.

Eliminate Downtime

Gain continuous data collection, even in remote, off-network, or disconnected environments. Stay connected to critical ERP data in real- or near real-time to minimize downtime and lost data.

It’s all about mitigating the downtime. We don't want mechanics looking for parts that are not actually on the shelf. But we also don't want to order parts that aren't needed because there are more on the shelf than in the system.

Owen Schlipf

Manager, Accounting Business Processes, Alliance Resources Partners