Mobile Inventory for Mining & Metals

Modernize inventory management with mobile data collection and low code mobile app development for inventory, assets, spare parts and more.

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A Mining and Metals Industry Leader

Skyrocketing overhead costs? Inefficient inventory management and plant maintenance don’t have to consume your profits. RFgen’s industry-best solutions mobilize data collection to reduce costs and boost revenue. Automate Your Workflows Today.


End-to-end inventory and material visibility

Unlock Full Material Visibility

With RFgen Mobile Foundations, you can see and control inventory movements directly from a mobile device for end-to-end inventory and material visibility. Automate mining and metals industry-specific workflows for greater control and efficiency.

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Gain real-time visibility at remote sites

Drive Down Plant Maintenance Costs

Gain real-time visibility into assets, equipment and tools to optimize plant maintenance and MRO management, even at remote sites. Enhance asset utilization to permanently eliminate bloat.

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Stay connected to critical ERP data

Eliminate Downtime

Gain continuous data collection, even in remote, off-network or disconnected environments. Stay connected to critical ERP data in real- or near real-time to minimize downtime and lost data.

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Low-Code Mobile App Development

RFgen Mobile Development Studio is the premier low code platform for creating mobile apps for the mining and metals supply chain. Accelerate developer productivity with tools that enable rapid, real-time validations and throughput. Build on out-of-the-box logic or make and modify your own.

Augment your teams with easy mobile app development.