Your organization can benefit from real-time asset tracking.

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An Introduction to Asset Tracking Technology

Inventory powers the 21st century enterprise. With so much focus on managing inventory, assets can easily get overlooked. High-value assets hold the power to drive down overhead or to mire organizations in bloated costs from hidden inefficiencies.

Tracking asset across multiple locations presents a significant challenge for today’s organizations, creating the need for real-time mobile asset tracking solutions. Asset tracking technology is not only efficient and powerful, but a key component of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) best practices.

Any organization that holds fixed assets can benefit from real-time asset tracking technology.

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  • Use technology to track assets across the enterprise
  • Create 24/7 visibility into asset data
  • Gain real-time control over asset movements and transactions
  • Automate asset movements with mobile barcoding
  • Achieve 99.9% or higher accuracy
  • Support plant maintenance and MRO with accurate, up-to-date data

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