Making the Case for Mobile Barcoding with Oracle

With this webinar, you will learn the importance of data collection best practices for your Oracle ERP.

Your Oracle ERP can’t optimize bad data. Yet too many companies still struggle to capture accurate inventory data for their digital supply chain.

RFgen Oracle solutions can modernize and automate your data collection to overcome this common challenge.

Download this free webinar on-demand to learn how extending data collection into the hands of your workers with mobile barcode automation maximizes the effectiveness of Oracle JD Edwards, E-Business Suite or SCM Cloud by enforcing world-class accuracy and visibility, reducing errors and latencies along the way.

This video’s key points include:

  • Understanding the importance of data collection best practices and how they impact your Oracle ERP and your business.
  • Recognizing how manual data collection enables errors to enter your Oracle ERP environment.
  • Learning how mobile barcoding enforces data accuracy and improves operational efficiencies.

Today’s companies can no longer rely on outdated manual data collection processes. Your modern Oracle ERP needs optimized data to run your operation smoothly.

Download your free video on demand right now to learn how mobility and automation can integrate seamlessly with your Oracle ERP to help you meet the challenges of today, and grow and safeguard operations in the future.